What would have to happen for net neutrality to start?

I read an article about how an author is supporting net neutrality, arguing that the internet is a public good, and allowing larger companies to lobby and pay more for faster speeds while the smaller companies essentially become second tier would result in restricting the market and limiting the choices the consumers have, and I am trying to figure out what has to happen for the author to get his way

In case you are need to know what I am actually trying to do, I am trying to figure out what would it take to create the changes suggested by the article https://www.thenewstribune.com/opinion/article25895602.html that could lessen income disparity

Why are you posting an article that was posted in 2014?

The problem with net neutrality and why it was scrapped is because it allowed countries like China to impose their set of values on a service that they had no hand in creating which would no longer be a free market place and accessible to all which was its original intent. Making it a public utility means that Government can dictate the terms on how it is regulated and that is a very bad idea. The issue facing such companies like Google and other social media providers is whether deciding they are a platform or a publisher. At this point, the issue is going to be addressed first sooner rather than later which will determine the future of the internet as being free and fair to all as an open market place.

My god, how did we live before 2014? Now 6 years later all dur cable companies are going to give us packages to browse websites, this is totally not something made up to scare everyone.

The problem with ISP isn’t net neutrality or not. It’s competition. Too many ISPs are the only choice. The problem isn’t that your ISP can buttfuck you. The problem is when you can’t switch to a competitor in response.

They are already fucking people’s asses right now. The positive of people hating their ISP company more and more outweighs the negative of FTC regulation taking over.

Overall it’s not a big deal and might lead to positive outcomes due to increased hatred of ISP monopolies and big tech companies.