What the Left has become

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What is the Left, then? Mostly a Jacobin party that operates ad hoc , without consistency.

Its two guiding principles are now reduced to simple agendas.

One, nothing matters unless one has power. The means to obtain it are always after the fact justified by the supposedly noble ends they once served.

Says it all.

I could care less if they tax the rich at 90% , they are mostly dems and vote dem every time . Look at Hollywood millionaires ,NFL, NBA ,all anti- Trumpers , F everyone of them take ALL their money .

You should care.

What they do to the minority wealthy class they can do to everyone as they do today. Half the country pays no Federal Income Tax while the other half pays the bills and welfare.

Tyranny of the majority is coming a reality.

That will never get better ,only worst ! The middleclass is becoming the working poor , so tax the super rich at 99% . At some point voters will wake up . If we are to become socialist move it along and stop the pretending. We lost our Country during Clinton and Obama , now just stick the fork in it !

so tax the super rich at 99%

And that will not be enough so they will tax the wealthy at 90% which will never be enough so they will tax the upper middl class at 80% which will ver b enough so they will tax the middle class at 70%.

I will never end once the redistribution begins.

The only difference is th Super Wealthy as well as the wealthy have the means to give you the middle finger leave the country taking their wealthy with them as they did in the UK and France.

That ship has sailed years ago . What we think or say no longer matters , just mail in those votes and all will be well . :roll_eyes: