What Technocracy Originally Meant

Technocracy is a term that has been watered down to mean a scientific approach to governance. But it has a sinister origin.

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When you look at the broader picture and why there are some willing to defend a communist regime, the money exchanged set up China to be a proving ground for tech’s wares with unfettered access to unleash their monsters. Now add in the political motives and it’s easy to connect the dots, the CCP Virus was the perfect excuse to undermine Trump’s policies and his momentum with the economy that was leaving China behind. China decided the virus was the best option to bringing down the rest of the world with it in order to create a distraction. The latest cause for concern is China launching their recent satellite in order to undermine the US’s GPS system. The tech companies are complicit and they need to be held to account especially Google.

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IMO, the anti-Trump motive is only a small part of the bigger picture which, is to usher in a electronically-monitored NWO. China is the perfect testbed for the NWO. What bothers me now is why the Trump admin has not gone after US officials who sent US taxpayer money to Wuhan for gain of function work.