What’s for dinner?

What’s for dinner ?
Well tonight for me is MEATLOAF!
I like to use the left overs in in a nice sub roll. Nice glaze and Vermont cheddar.

What are you making tonight?

Another dumb thread by the in house drop out!

Real deep!

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More attacks, can anyone else post on here besides the bully Manhattan? @KVN @Patriot

Priceless! He does the same thing to others here then screams like a little bitch when it happens to him!

Jizzer crying

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Everyone here is complaining about you… hopefully the mods will do something about you bully

What? You and Louman are everyone? Yeah nice play loser! You can not cover up your previous actions here then turn around play the victim it further exposes your fake persona! Once you are banned from this place you will no longer matter! Like your pathetic life, because you are nobody!

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More bully attacks so sad

Should I smoke my meatloaf tonight?

Here I got an idea for you. Why don’t you create an “Official Christmas Thread” Pretend to be a Christian and wish everyone a Merry Christmas so people will show you attention and we once again can see how hollow and fake your life truly is. Why don’t you also copy the idea of using icons too while you are at it! :christmas_tree:

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Go eat your meatloaf fat boy!

Love hypocrisy from the trolltard!

I’m thinking maybe fried chicken tonight. Let’s say you

I need a recipe for a spiicy honey sauce