What Real Leadership Looks Like!

Its looking like DeSantis is taking no prisoners and I am glad someone is willing to stand up to this Marxist regime and give people a voice.

“I’ll take the Constitution thank you!”

“It’s the United States of America, it’s not the United Schoolboard or County Commisions of America. The states are the primary vehicles to protect the people’s freedoms, their health, their welfare under our constitutional system. There has never been a federal Vaccine mandate imposed on the general public… It’s never been done before, they don’t have the power to do it.”


He should be aleading candidate for president in 2024.


I hope he does run in 2024 and by doing so he puts the State of Florida in capable hands who has the same values as him so that way it doesn’t go back to the previous actors of voting shenanigans of rigging elections. DeSantis has done an extremely awesome job in his state as governor!


Too bad he said he would NOT run if Trump runs . He would be the demoRATS worst nightmare !!!

How about a Trump Desantis ticket!!!

Two Alpha Males? No. It doesn’t work, besides I think DeSantis can run in 2028!