What most frustrates or angers you about the Dems, Libs or Leftists?

What most frustrates or angers you about the Dems, Libs or Leftists?

I think it is their elitist attitude that they dont need to follow the rules or the law. That they are exempt from the rules we all must follow. That they are smarter than the rest of us. That they make the rest of us suffer from their ignorance and hubris.

That they don’t know their limitations.

From, “Magnum Force.”

Oh there are so many things that anger me but perhaps what gets under my skin the most is their attitude. They are always acting like they are superior and that they know everything there is to know when in reality they are about as dumb as a box of rocks if not dumber. Most haven’t worked a day in their lives and if they have it wasn’t very hard. I also hate how they all talk the same and make every sentence sound like a question.

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I have found it extremely rare to have a civil discussion about politics with a liberal without rancor and insults after the first two minutes.

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I hate how biased and hateful conservatives are as evidenced by this thread…but what I really hate about conservatives is that the only way they will do anything about gun control is if one of their kids gets shot at school. To them, it’s happening to everyone else, so why bother…it sucks and it’s a morally bankrupt position to hold.

For the sake of argument, do you think a million firearms deaths a year would justify getting rid of the 2nd Amendment?

Funny that the left feels precisely the same about the right, that’s how polarized America is today…

I really doubt that most would even do anything then.

Here is an easy way to know which political online poster is better informed.

Conservatives can list good things about Trump and bad things about Obama.

Dems cant.

And of course we can also list bad things about Trump and good things about Obama.

But anybody can do that.

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Can you list any good things about Obama???

He prosecuted all 8 of the whistleblowers in his administration.


Odd you think that’s s good thing.



Just one more way that you on the Left misunderestimate the Conservatives.

Every POTUS deserves the right to a no leak government.

If the President is a crook or a spy or Manchurian Candidate or what have you, that is a matter to be addressed other ways.

I want Trump to do the same with the MFng whistleblowers.

Only twisted thinkers, those who feel they can’t win honestly and those without emotional control want Whistleblowing to reign in the WH.

He allowed the attack that nailed bin Laden.

No sexual scandals in the WH for 8 years.

The Obamaphone.


Very nice Bushism…:wink:

Whistleblowers are federally protected…

I loved Bushie.

Although he did some things I wish he hadnt.

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Cant wait until you boys are sent scurrying back to the margins of acceptable thought and behavior.

What dont you guys screw up every time you are given the opportunity?

What are you talking about???

I sometimes speak to those being referred to, even if they will never read it.