What is really going on here Political bull pen

Why did this place go down???

Why have admin not said a word to us???

Why are some people not asking any questions???

Why are some people acting out of character???

Why can no one stop anyone from spamming this place with anything they choses too no admin this place can become a gay porn hub why not who can stop someone from doing that???

Why are some many people missing???

Come on what is going on here???


Great question, I think I know, I hope I’m

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I think I answered (some of) the questions.

Conservative sites were asked by the Trump team to be in the backstage, so that the Dems would bask in the glory of their fake victory.

By letting the Dems do that with their fake President, all their shortcomings would become visible, inside and outside the US, for the whole world to see.

I do not think that was the case . This happened before , it’s all about censorship and only allowing liberal dribble on social media . Mark Fu@kerberg , Bill Gates, Jeff Bozo , and the crooked FBI want only liberal thoughts . Tell a lie over and over and over until it becomes the truth .