What Is Going On With These Fireworks?

Why are joggers detonating thousands of fireworks all night? It’s everywhere, and there’s so many being cooked off in my city, it’s hard to breath outdoor at night. It’s not July 4th. I know they’ve been launching them at cops, if this was related to that then why would they fire so many off for nothing? Maybe they’re trying to hide gunfire? Tim Pool put out a video about leftists saying it’s a CIA op to demoralize black communities by ruining their sleep, and in preparation for launching actual artillery shells? That sounds pretty retarded until you remember it’s the Year of the Clown, 2020 AD.

You guys experiencing this? Have you heard or thought up better theories?

Small things amuse small minds. I’m sure most “peaceful protesters” probably think fire is powerful voodoo, so something that combines fire and loud noise probably blows their tiny little minds.

This is happening in Florida. However, there are always fireworks at inappropriate times near July 4th in Florida because fireworks are everywhere and cheap and the heat makes people crazy.

But is it particularly with BLM lately?

Well–I know the black areas had been setting off loads of fireworks for Juneteenth and the following weekend or for the revolution or both. This place has lots of blacks. Basically, I never relax. And now they’re blowing shIt up. If they start attacking churches that will be very difficult on me.

Those large aerial bomb type ones used to be restricted access somehow. I’m not sure of the details or when things changed but when I was a kid I was told that some kind of license/training was needed to get your hands on them.

Most of them are made in the 3rd world now so that’s also part of why they’re so cheap and readily available.

Joggers do loud stuff all the time for holidays. This is unlike anything I’ve seen before. I guess they’re commercial grade, and cops/fire dept have gotten caught setting them off also. You gotta understand, it’s THOUSANDS every night. Hours and hours nonstop till the air is acrid with the smoke.

I’m in a medium sized midwest city, for reference.

I particularly don’t want to be breathing in any residue from anything made in China.

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They are going off regularly where I’m at. Usually at around 2 AM and they are the big suckers too. They then stop and start somewhere else in the distance. Cops never show up.

I live in PA’s Coal Regions, when I was a kid, dynamite was readily available. I remember an old boy on the edge of town who had a service station. We’d stop for a Coke & drink it sitting on cases of dynamite. The granddad was a deep miner, he drove rock tunnels. I remember when the 4th of July kicked ass. Window breaking from concussions. We’d swim bare ass in old strip mines. Throw blasting caps in the fire & run like Hell. If my old man found out, I’d still have bruises.

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I used to walk to school, up hill, in the snow, barefoot, both ways.

Do you have fireworks going off all night where you live or not?

Fireworks are sold and used he legally, w don’t have them going off.

But then again this is a place where people open carry firearms so the is little trouble.

I used to order fireworks from Tall Paul - SHELTON FIREWORKS – The largest fireworks warehouse. I’d come home, and there’d be a big box on the porch, marked EXPLOSIVES. Can’t do that anymore.

Curious idea.

Mini covid bombs?

So does home confinement. Idle hands…devil’s workshop!

It’s nationwide. More than just boredom going on.

Thanks for that very thought-provoking input. :roll_eyes:

I have considered that the uptick is some kind of high weirdness psychological programming or desensitization. I used to trip out on this concept just contemplating basic 4th of July celebrations simulating the warfare our ancestors engaged in and how it connects us to them by putting us in their shoes or even awakening inherited memories…

The gunshot masking is my go-to realistic/surface level reasoning for why it’s happening. All that distraction and smoke screen makes everyone disjointed, what better time to smash some property or snag a sailfoam outta that THOTs pocket?

Another odd epiphany I had after watching a bunch of twitter videos is that these riots are replacing the summer music festival itch people would be having come May, June, etc. This is a new form of interactive, communal entertainment replete with all the shouting, dancing, light shows and pyrotechnics.

Lighting off a roman candle might just be an organic urge to shout “Wooohoooo!” in ecstasy, surrounded by friends you share a crazy worldview with, using your will and direct actions to change the world around you… I’m envious of these radical demons for that luxury tbh.

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Its a psyop to keep people in an aggitated state to simulate like being in a warzone.

Its psychological warfare.

Normally, people are shooting off fireworks like 2 weeks before any applicable holiday for them, especially in the ghettos.

Been that way forever. It tapers off a couple of days after said holiday while people are using up their surplus fire crackers.

But this started back in march, with the lockdowns.

There may be a more sinister motivation to aggitate the 55+ boomers enough to leave the city for the suburbs inorder to sell all those homes and condos they have been building.

Then buy up all the discounted city and neighborhood real estate.

I’ve been hearing the occasional firework out by me. It’s not common here, but it also hasn’t been obnoxious enough to make me wonder.