What influences you

“The individual is convinced that what is good for the wider group is the most beneficial for them,” … From the book “Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own Mind Control, Mass Manipulation and Perception Management”

The CIA was a continuation of the OSS. What was the continuation that formed the OSS?

Compartmentalized. Sub sections upon sub sections. Public knowledge is given below.

Compartmentalized CIA operations:

  1. Project CHATTER 1947
  2. Project BLUEBIRD 1950
  3. Project ARTICHOKE 1951
  4. MKNAOMI 1952
  5. MK ULTRA 1953 (Operational wing of MKULTRA known as MKDELTA)
  6. QKHILLTOP 1954
  7. MKPILOT 1954
  8. MKSEARCH 1964

So little we know, yet we continue forward. Hidden from us, we continue.

The Bible is the only book that matters.


Agree. I should of titled it better for my thread.

Its good stuff though because it does evoke a different kind of conversation and asking that question and the answer that follows tells a lot about the character of a person. Ironic in way. Lol!

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Oh you mean the Bible that COPIED vast data and stories it’s told from ancient
writings of very old religions…or the Bible that says Mary was a prostitute instead
actually being married to Jesus or not telling he was one child out of 10 children…or any
of the hundreds of bull shit stories ADDED AND DELETED by long gone popes and
other idiots pretending it was written by God when vast amounts were plagiarized by

The Talmud says that.
OK, you’re a Talmudist ■■■ .

That explains everything.

Jesus didn’t write it. Others wrote down what they heard. But this happens throughout time and there is a Greater Book one can read that goes on endlessly. One that Jesus read with his body and life. It was not the time to reveal that. He revealed that later.

"Ay, many kotis of years they may pass without ever having mentioned my name, the law, or my congregation. That is the fruit of sinful deeds.

But when mild and gentle beings are born in this world of men, they immediately see me revealing the law, owing to their good works.

I never speak to them of the infinitude of my action. Therefore, I am, properly, existing since long, and yet declare: The Ginas are rare (or precious).

Such is the glorious power of my wisdom that knows no limit, and the duration of my life is as long as an endless period; I have acquired it after previously following a due course.

Feel no doubt concerning it, O sages, and leave off all uncertainty: the word I here pronounce is really true; my word is never false.

For even as that physician skilled in devices, for the sake of his sons whose notions were perverted, said that he had died although he was still alive, and even as no sensible man, would charge that physician with falsehood;

So am I the father of the world, the Self born, the Healer, the Protector of all creatures. Knowing them to be perverted, infatuated, and ignorant I teach final rest, myself not being at rest."