What if Everyone on Earth Disappeared Except You?

I just finished watching an old episode of the Twilight Zone where this exact thing happened. I won’t ruin the episode for those who haven’t seen it but it got me thinking about all the things I would do in that situation.

What would you do after you got over the shock?


Enjoy the peace and quiet. No more millennial whining about the most stupid stuff. No more stupid politicians picking fights with one another over things that won’t matter a hundred years from now. No more shallow, useless celebrities derailing the course of humanity in an excess of consumerism.

Just me and the world. The wonderful beauty of nature being allowed to recover and me being allowed to see that unfold.


After taking shelter for 1-2 days due to plane and car crashes, fires etc. I’d eventually find a sturdy place to make my home and have a garden for food. I’d stay in a suburban area, this way I would have stores to gather things I want/need as well as libraries to help with any new tasks (no internet).

Aside from the survival aspect, I would love it. There would be an overwhelming sense of peace, quiet, and freedom. I would likely befriend a cat or dog for companionship. I could go anywhere accessible on earth with no restrictions from people, but I would also stay at home a lot to read and be at peace.


I wouldn’t mind - I’m a misanthropic loner.

Very thought provoking and good question!

Before things collapse due to no maintenance. I would loot as much fuel as I can.

Charge up major batteries in the house.

Then I would take my good old trustworthy angle grinder, and raid the police station for guns and ammo.

While the internet and electricity works, study the areas of interests (to loot) besides survival, hunting, and ecosystem mechanics.

Food isnt a concern, nor water. There is canned food and bottled water in all of the shops. Raid libraries and bookshops for info about survival in the woods.

I could have any house, any car. I would move into whatever house I wanted, wherever I wanted. (This made me to daydream.)

All the peace, without the torture of my “fellow” humans. Heaven on Earth!

Only one problem…which Playboy magazines may solve…LOL

In case you happen to be a still fertile female – and want to have a child --, go to the nearest hospital that has a still functioning sperm cryobank, to inseminate yourself. To safeguard the existence of humankind, and keep our wonderful but dramatic story keep going on. I hope power grids are still working to keep the nitrogen freezers working for long enough, or else everything is probably lost.

Choose wisely: select the preserved seeds of a healthy, strong male, but also a wise man, preferably from a good family without any inherited diseases. The last time the Biblical Eve had to choose a suitable father, she made terrible mistake by choosing Adam, so be careful, because next time neither God nor the Apple tree will not safe your day. You are on your own to decide.

In case you happen to be a lone male – and are truly the poor last human on Earth --, then I’m very sorry to say to you that you’re probably a very unlucky man, because, so far I know, we still don’t have invented a suitable artificial womb to grow babies and gave birth. You can try to use DNA modification of your genome to turn yourself into a fertile woman, maybe. As a poor lone male I don’t give you any much chances to safe humanity solely on you own.

Even a single female would be lost. There would be no repopulating the Earth. The gene pool would simply be far too small. This has already been established long ago, that you really need a minimum of a few dozen breeding pairs minimum to sustain a species.

And even that is pushing it to the absolute limit.

The sperm bank idea is a nice one but ultimately it would fail. Maybe she would be able to impregnate herself a few times that way, it would ultimately fail. Because the refrigeration would not last. She can’t maintain a power grid to keep refrigeration going on all sperm banks. No single human could do that.

And so, any daughters she would have… would not have sperm banks to rely on. By the time they were of child bearing age, there simply would be no more viable sperm banks.

And, well… breeding with their own brothers (assuming the woman really managed to birth quite a few children) would be a wash as well. Incest is not only ethically and morally objectionable, it is biologically speaking highly undesirable. Degeneration of the genome leads to all sorts of problems.

So, the gender point is mostly moot. A single human surviving would still lead to extinction of the species.

Well, maybe there’s one way… a single woman that managed to raid a few sperm banks, somehow managed to set up temporary mobile refrigeration and then moved to Antarctica. To use the natural refrigeration there. Still… unlikely it would work.

What would I do: THIS

Walter Huston’s The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Step 1, I would go visit the national guard facility and grab a few generators, weapons and ammo and a few truck loads of MRE’s. I’d grab a few dozen fuel trucks and rig up a good transfer pump to feed the generator and vehicles. Find a small house that would be easy to maintain, located close to a hardware store. Hit the drug stores and grab medicine. Then, kick back and relax. I wouldn’t expect to live much past my early 70’s without medical care but for the next 20 years, I’d be comfortable. I’m sure I’d make a trip to DC to find out who killed JFK and to piss on the idiots in Congress that killed the entire planet but me. :smiley:

Canned food. It lasts almost forever if the seal is not broken. Diesel generators, since diesel fuel does not degrade as fast as gasoline. Many weapons & ammunition. Military vehicles. Clean out liquor stores & beer distributors. Set up several refrigeration systems. Even gas - kerosene refrigerators. Clean out drug stores. Clean out stores that sell videos. You will get bored. Find audio on tape or disc. You will get bored. Wood burner systems with hot water coils. Several insulated hot water storage tanks & several fresh water storage tanks.The necessary pumps for water & fuel. Many mounted spare tires. Extra fuel tanks on vehicles ( military vehicles ). The list is endless. Large capacity fuel storage tanks.

One day a SJW discovered that all other humans had disappeared from the world and he was the very last one.

At first he was sad that he, a white man, had been the one to survive, but then he realized that it didn’t matter because he couldn’t reproduce and there would be no more people so Mother Earth was saved!

With that thought he set about living as good a life as he could, and he did remarkably well until he doxxed himself over running a generator, leading to a shouting match between himselves via the two iPad pros he was using, leading to a demonstration, counter demonstration, and finally him burning himself out whilst wearing his old AntiFa outfit.

Meanwhile in another part of Hell a Muslim who was the last man alive…

I would hope there would be female robots so I wouldn’t have to have a real doll, an inflatable doll or use my hand.Iwould load a truck with as much food , gas and water and move to Florida (Ocala) . Before leaving , I would go the local NG Armory and take afew weapons and as much ammo as I could. Stop by an Adult store for those "romantic " videos to get the robot in the mood.
Can’t wait for here2bqueerscomment.

No more politicians, no more hatred towards specific groups, no more building parties at the expense and marginalization of a minority.

Looks pretty good to me.

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Well, unless you’re ideologically conditioned to need to feel better than others or have habituated yourself to thinking others should care about your breakfast or outrage.

As I pointed out earlier.

Did no one else ever come away with the idea that the guy in the Twilight Zone episode may not have been the survivor but that he was, in fact, in some Greek version of Hell where he could hold but never read?

Was it the episode where the computer provided companionship?

The episode with the reader and library? This was an ironic episode as all he wanted in life was to be left alone to read. In the end he was in hell all made just for him. Probably spent his final days looking for a replacement set of glasses.
It’s interesting when you consider most glasses today are polycarbonate with the lens indestructible, the glass.

He did so many pieces that make perfect sense, the man in the cave a great episode.

The library. The whole thing seemed like it would fit in some Greek story of the afterlife.

That was an interesting episode to obtain his dream old to lose it in an instant.

The man in the cave another classic. If you haven’t seen it, it’s another that allows great thought.
Season 5 | Episode 7

This is a great thread inspired by perhaps one of the greatest Twilight Zone episodes ever made.

I think initially there would be a good amount of depression. There would also be no way of knowing that you were the last person on earth. I would probably set out to find other people even if the chances have ever finding anyone else was slim to none.

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