What happens to the world view ofPervert Joe Biden as POTUS

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After countless gaffes and incoherent public appearances followed by the disastrous draw down in Afghanistan

In the months and weeks leading up to the last presidential election, any reasonable American—Democrat or Republican—could see that Joe Biden’s mind was, to be kind, slipping. All the lies and expletives he used and the lies about how good he is , the endless assault by women he sexually molested , His temper unmatched by any politician Despite running the most carefully controlled presidential campaign in American history, instances of his public incoherence grew with one bizarre gaffe after another as he transformed the English language into a kind of Pig Latin as we witnessed a shell of a man increasingly speak in tongues. Thankfully for Biden, most of the people around him as he stumbled his way through teleprompter reads and a handful of press conferences were wearing masks—there was no way to see their grimaces or laughter in the face of a potential presidency that would ultimately devolve into a punchline for all the world to witness.

Prior to the election, the common refrain from Democrats (at least privately) was that it didn’t really matter that Biden was compromised because there would be highly qualified, competent people surrounding him and he hated Trump. That somehow, abracadaver , the free world would cruise on autopilot. After all, Washington is brimming with wise, competent people. Seven months into the nation’s experiment with a leaderless government, we can dispel that notion.

Imagine boarding a jet and hearing, This is your captain, Joe Biden, speaking. Or having your last image before going under for open heart surgery be Dr. Joe Biden staring above you, Everything’s gonna be fine, I’ll see ya on the other side. How would you feel if your son or daughter were serving under this commander-in-chief and his military brass that prides itself on being woke…but just doesn’t seem to be awake? We can laugh or cringe at those prospects, but the fate of the republic isn’t a joke. By the way, could someone remind me where I put the nuclear codes? A nation’s survival doesn’t come with mulligans.

Look at what Biden has accomplished in 9 months, NO BEING Hitler and signing executive orders only created more division in America. Biden now want 1.5 million barrels of oil released to counter high gas prices really is that why he CLOSED The Keystone Pipeline? Economy worse now than ever Unemployment at 12 % of the American workforce sitting at home waiting for the Federal nun-employment Checks Covid 19 going wild again Illegal Immigration worse than ever 25 % Covid 19 Inflation a tax on every one at 6 % and Growing. Afghan refugees moved to Ft McCoy and other locations in the US un vetted and 20 % Covid 19 , I live in Wisconsin and going to buy a shot gun to defend my self, 9/11 might already be here. How could any one in their right mind for for this Pervert Hitler Biden.? Were is Congress to help America they are on vacation for 7 weeks and then will do more useless investigations on Trump. I am going to live in Canada Sweden any place but the US

Don’t you work for Joe Biden?

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Stunning isn’t it,how chaos can be created out of order this quickly.

Me Hell no what an nsult

The chaos is deliberate, the chaos has been deliberately planned years ago and of course the easiest way to get this to now play out is to get a Puppet who has obvious Senile Dementia who they trot out at random, who has probably no clue what day it is, who probably still even thinks he’s a Senator and just mouths words off cue cards and signs whatever his Handlers/Controllers put in front of him without asking any questions.