What Happened During the Niihau Incident of 1941?

Here is a very interesting slice of history not so often talked about. The crash landing of a Jap Zero in not so far away island of Niihau, Hawaii. The island (sounds like the farm I lived in) had no electricity only a battery powered radio. The Jap pilot survived and was given help by the local people. A dispute among the few islanders resulted in his death as well as others being seriously injured. This was one small reason why FDR issued an executive order quarantining Jap Americans. A full Hollywood movie was made of this incident “The Enemy Within”.

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Internment of Japanese Americans and Canadians was probably the right step.
By the same token, those with dual citizenship today (the likes of Rahm Emanuel) should be banned from government positions, career military positions and education of children.

FDR was just experimenting with tenets of communism. FDR was arguably the worst president the US ever had. Specifically locking up he Japs was the right move. Too bad he knew the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming and did nothing about it.

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FDR wanted Japan to attack Pearl Harbor and did everything in his power to lure Japan, while willingly sacrificing thousands of American lives and putting the blame for the fiasco on Admiral Kimmel. A President of infamy indeed.