What do we get from Bidenomics?

What do you get for Bidenomics?

Sacrifice your livelihood, financial independence, and freedom for the green new deal.

If you are a white American, unemployment.

Almost no improvement in the Earth’s temperature.

War on fossil fuel energy, which has allowed the U.S. to grow and prosper like no other country.

Massive inflation from the spending that is occurring.

More important than the inflation is the massive price increases from the inflation that will be with us for some time. With all the new regulations that are being primed, prices will continue to move higher and higher.

New products that are significantly more expensive and offer almost no new benefits to the environment or to the American people.

You might save a little money on certain drug purchases.

The largest wealth transfer in world history from the American people to Biden, China, and his allies.

Bidenomics, simply put, is for Americans to sacrifice personally and financially by watching “them” spending trillions to enrich Biden and his allies while throwing a few million in crumbs to the American people.

They will do that while simultaneously destroying freedom via regulating everything and crushing our way of life. Oh, and all that spending will change nothing in the Earth’s climate.

JC dude you shouldn’t be posting that here lol


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Could lead to a recession.