What Do All of These Conservative Phrases Have in Common?

What do all these phrases have in common? :
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  • “In the comfort of your own home”

  • “Religious freedom”

  • “Gun ownership”

  • “Constitutional rights”

  • “Age of consent”

  • “Unborn baby”

  • “Islamic terrorist”


These are just some of the phrases that will disappear if we sit back and allow the Democrats to gain enough political power to install their control agenda. They do seek Total Control, of course.

If conservatives are to survive, we must defeat the godless demonic Left. But you cut that slimy viper’s head off and it comes back like Medusa - it’s a full time job. So if we slack off we lose our freedom.

The Left is the biggest threat to survival in America. Big decisions are being made this week that will effect every gun owner in America. Remind those public servants in Washington D.C. and on the state & local level that our rights shall not be infringed upon. Make those phone calls, write those letters, attend those meetings …


Great post and welcome!

I think you are exactly right. If we want to keep America from falling off the cliff then we need to make sure that the Dems never get back into total power again. They are so angry over Trump they will do anything to rule over us and create some sort of leftist dictatorship.

That’s why we need to pay close attention to election fraud because that’s why they have all of these illegals in the country. These illegals are getting funneled into places that have weak to non-existent voter ID laws.


I think the left’s plan all along since Trump’s election was to wear us out. They started with Russia and beat that stupid drum for two years. The judges and Congress keep blocking everything Trump is doing. This is all designed to make us feel like we need to give up. It’s important that we recognize this before the 2020 election.


A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1 : 8

What unconstitutional, anti gun law should I complain to my congresscritters about this week?


Illegals voting is what worries me the most. I don’t think we will see anything done by our elected leaders about that because they all probably benefit from it in some degree. We need groups like Judicial Watch monitoring the election situation because we all know illegals are voting.

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When people do not share the values of the founders / framers, what difference does human registration papers make? If you are outvoted by registered third world communists and socialists, does that make the loss acceptable?