What are some examples of Conservatives citing justification for using violence due to what someone said?

Can you think of examples when Conservatives thought their use of violence was excused by what the other side said first?

Can you think of examples of Liberals, Leftists or Democrats blaming their use of violence on what the other side said first?

I cannot think of any conservative examples in the modern era.

There are literally thousands of examples of examples of the left doing this. Antifa, goon squads that assault people outside Trump rallies, Mad Max Waters encouraging harassment of anyone associated with Trump- the torture of a developmentally disabled man for wearing a Trump shirt - with very light penalties for the perps (imagine the decades a White group who did that to a Black kid would have gotten), the Oberlin College/Gibson Bakery, etc. etc. ad infinitum.

The left believes generally in using violence when insults don’t work, and insults when demands don’t work and demands when, oh yes, they don’t believe in reasonable discussion…


Depends on what you define as a Conservative.

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Use your own definition and make your case, please?