West Virginia Stages Revolt Against Drag Queen Story Hour, Forces Cancellation in Public Library

I will take this as a small victory over the cultural Marxists who insist on trying to go after children with their grooming indoctrination! Good to see parents finally waking up!

It’s critical to recognize “creeping gradualism”; and nip it in the bud. I doubt a nation of degenerates will make old bones. A hedonistic constitution won’t fly.

Call me crazy but for some reason I just didn’t see Drag Queen Story Hour being a smashing success in a state like West Virginia.

Coming up, the Drag Queen Tar & Feather Hour. Heh.

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No I don’t either, but the article was apt to point out the unrelenting protestations of the LBGTQ lobby and it’s militancy to keep insisting that this be part of acceptance as being culturally tolerant. This is where it become dangerous!

Yeah, Appalachia is a big, remote, and unforgiving place. I wouldn’t want to get on anyone’s bad side in that area of the country. Let them keep pushing though because eventually they will just vanish without a trace.

I’m sorry but how is this a victory…and for whom? No one was being forced to attend these events. Of course, all were welcome to attend but there isn’t a requirement to do so. Shutting this event down is the equivalent of shutting down free speech and expression and I find it to be intolerable.

Good for you! It’s not my job to educate you and if you choose to bathe in your own ignorance that certainly is your prerogative. There is nothing in free speech that says it’s ok for degeneracy to indoctrinate children!

Yeah I’m not really sure why you are being so insulting?

You started the thread and I was simply providing a counterpoint. I read the rules and I’m confident that furnishing a dissenting view of something is perfectly fine.

I disagree with you. Show me where in the First Amendment it says that drag queen story hour is prohibited.

Also explain to me how this is indoctrination since no one is forced to attend. Maybe I’m missing something.

Show me where I am being insulting? I am stating an opinion, if you don’t like it then you are free not to respond.

Saying that someone is bathing in their own ignorance certainly isn’t complementary, nor is it consistent with civil discussion, nor is it on topic.

But let’s not make this thread about your condescending insults. Let’s keep focused on the legality of the issue at hand.

If you can’t explain your rationale, that’s fine. I’m happy to win arguments without much of a fight.

Well you don’t win anything, as it’s obvious from the article that it’s already been decided!

Sorry but a single library in a single town in West Virginia does not mean that the entire state of West Virginia has banned Drag Queen Story Hour.

You might want to skim the article again. The key information you’re looking for is in the first few paragraphs.

Why do you keep apologising with every post you make?

Lol, it’s WAAAAAAAAAAY too late. And one anecdotal changes nothing.

Well, the desperados are grasping for hope. The odd thing is their abhorrent attitude to Liberty.

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It really is a sad thing isn’t it? I struggle to understand how this country got to this place so quickly? The red hat brigade acts like attending a voluntary event will lead to the downfall and collapse of the country. It’s insane. No child was forced by the state to attend a Drag Queen Story Hour anywhere in the country. I always thought that the conservatives were all about strengthening parental rights and decision-making without involvement from the state. Now it seems like they want the state to dictate everything. It’s scary.

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Maybe parents should take the kids to these “story hours” to educate them about the DEVIANTS in society. The parents need to remind their children that Pedophiles look like everyone else, are mentally sick and not to be alone among strangers if possible.
These "Drag Queens " look worse than Bozo the Clown and Ronald McDonald combined.
I’m sure there is a large number of LBGTQ people in the state.

How about this anecdote: Desperate situations require desperate solutions. Hunker down, pull out the stops & prepare for collateral damage. The strong will always survive.

Taxpayers are forced to PAY for these events. These events require a shitload of police presence because people are naturally a little pissed off having a bunch of sex-crazed deviants reading stories to children.

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