Well waddya know- Hydrochloroquine helps- according to CNN

A lot of soiled undies in the ActBlue community!


Someone who knows how- please archive this story.

Cripes, I wouldn’t wanna be in CNN’s Editor-in-chief’s shoes when the 1% read that: it will totally fuck up their project because no vaccines will be needed. 'DOH!! :grin:

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This could lead to us going back to the ‘old’ normal? It’s 45 minutes long, but packed with so much profound info that If I recommend a part of it, you could miss other profound info. so I won’t - other than to say in the closing minutes the interviewee states that those who slagged off (my vernacular) Hydrochloroquine are guilty of a crime against humanity. But then - for every one of us who actually sees this vid, there will be 100,000 who don’t.

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A whole lot of democrats are going to be very unhappy with this study.

That was fast. Video is removed from utube

You conveniently ignore the last part of the report.

CNN is not saying it helps but is reporting on a single study.

You quibble; CNN would normally never cover anything off narrative. Them covering this is saying it helps. Context.

Then why wasnt the story covered in its main section of the site? Why wasnt this covered by its cable channel?