Welcome to Ireland

Apparently these fake children migrants are no longer being welcomed in Ireland.

This migrant piece of shit fucked around and found out.

Welcome to Ireland man…yeah :rofl:


Every country in the West must normalize this behavior if we want our countries to survive.


It’s been normalized here for a long time. Everything we see now is designed to make us not fight back.


I love that video. The jogger went from an 80 IQ to below 60 in under 30 seconds.

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If he didn’t want to get his ass beat by a bunch of kids he should have just given the phone back. They gave him plenty of chances to do so.

Better still, send them back to whatever shithole land where they came from.

Who’d have thought of that?

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We all know what the headline for this will be…

Innocent 6ft 5, 250lb african child viciously assaulted by 5ft 9, 180lb white supremacist over allegedly borrowed cell phone.

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You might have to start thinking about growing your own food!