Weather is not climate

Weather is not climate

Or here is how people in chicago are saying it

W w w w wethhhhhhhhhhher i i i s s s s n n n n n ott c c c c c c llllllliimate t t t

Enjoy mother nature you idiots. Post some of your “adjusted” data to make you feel warmer.


From Washington Post


Weather is only climate when it’s hot outside.


Climate change happens with or without us. That does not mean we should spend trillions of dollars on something that might change the outcome slightly. Change is coming and it is much cheaper and moral to adopt to the changes rather than trying to prevent them.


Climate change has everything to do with our cosmic environment and nothing to do with us as a species. We are living in the most stable climate we’ve seen in over 200,000 years and the temperature average have never stopped fluctuating.

However… the temperature fluctuations have been steadily and slightly getting more erratic from 10,000 YBP to now.

Statistically speaking, our Modern Warm Period is drawing to an end, and we are headed for another glacial period.



But facts don’t matter - nowadays any meteorological phenomenon is mankind’s fault and all the more reason to push for a carbon tax.

Want to throw one of these nutjobs for a loop - tell them that massive diesel engines are used to make the batteries for their electric cars.

Watch them go into a fit of rage.

Not only that but the bulk of those electric cars are plastic. Know where plastic comes from? Oil.



About 13,000 years ago, we experienced the Younger Dryas Period. A temperature swing of more than 15 degrees cooler than now.


Between 100-150,000 years ago, we experienced a catastrophic warming of over 15 degrees hotter than now.

I would have hated to have lived during these climatic upheavals, but our species did, and we survived everything the Earth has thrown at us for about 300,000 years, including mass extinction, extreme climate change, cosmic impacts, super volcanoes, etc…

This is why I shake my head when I see liberals crying about a 2 degree warming.


Try travelling from Seattle to Las Vegas or better yet, Phoenix. Those pussies would die.

But weather isn’t the same as climate. That is factually correct. Are you disputing the actual definitions?

Just making fun of the left’s desperate attempt to ignore data that is contrary to their predictions.

Also… how much of the globe needs to feel the “weather” before libs recognize that this is a global phenomenon?

Al Gore’s predictions that the coastal portions of the US would be under 12 feet of water by now didn’t stop him from buying a beach house.

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Temperature change (blue) and carbon dioxide change (red) observed in ice core records.

Note the average time spans of inter-glacial periods. It stays colder, longer, because it’s always easier to cool something off than it is to warm it.

Also note that all of the previous inter-glacial periods were as warm, if not warmer than the climate is now.

We have spent the vast majority of our time as a species in very cold times, and the global warming alarmists do nothing to address the heat-energy needed to end the last glacial cycle in under 1,400 years.

What does science have to do with the left?are you saying the left has the market cornered on science?

Or flying across the country in his private jet…

No, they have the market on a religion that they call Science, thinking it’s the same as science.


Ummm… the left tries real hard to understand science. But mostly they are like pious church members sitting in the pews being told what to believe on faith.

In contrast, some of us just laugh because we can do our own research and then just sit back and watch the nonsense flow from the scientifically ignorant minds of the left.




When the ice melts in a glass of water, does the level rise? So why should sea levels rise when icebergs melt? Warmer sea temperatures mean more evaporation. I have a 600 litre tropical fish tank - that loses about a litre a week in evaporation. Sea levels could go down, not up.

So 90%+ scientists are wrong, but ISH figured it all out? Hahahahahahahahahahaha

“My religion says you’re wrong!”