Weak Trump Disavows Non-Racist Chant After Pressure from Cucks

Well would you just look at this silly shit. His opponents wont even condemn Antifa terror attacks but he cucks due to “pressure” from Cuckold McCarthy and Puny Pence. Anyone who votes for this Israeli shill again should be bullied out of all political participation, permanently.


Disavowal of his base is major blunder on his part.
Never disavow, never apologize or the left will tear you apart.

The weak shall fear the strong meme is about this, exactly about this.


What a pussy.

The three stages of jihad: Immigrate, Infiltrate and Caliphate.

Do we want people here who are not willing to rise up and fix their own lands?

Just to come here and try to destroy ours with their logic?! Fuck off with that nonsense.

Trump should have backed his supporters up and told the left to fuck off. He caved like a little bitch.

None of you should be surprised by this. He allowed himself to get steamrolled just when he had momentum. It’s classic Trump. It’s why there is no wall and the ICE raids never happened.

President Trump didn’t look too happy when the chant started and did look over to the side it was coming from for a moment before he continued speaking and I don’t know if that was some kind of signal to security or what but to me I don’t give a damn what anyone says against Omar whether me myself telling he to go home or its a group at a Trump rally. I share President Trumps opinion of her 1000%! If she doesn’t like it here, get the hell out!

I watched the entire rally, live. Seemed fine when it happened. He nodded. He smiled. Never Apologize.

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Operating at the level of a rhetorician and demagogue, being seen to yank the chain on your more enthusiastic supporters is actually a power-flex. It is actually very encouraging to hear the chant at one of his rallies, as it shows a shift in public opinion. Who even starts these chants anyway? Is it his crowd team or is it popular sentiment?


Hmm, never looked in it that way. I would never disavow my followers for such minor triviality just for the sake of principles.

His supporters should worry. He is lying like he usually does.

Those chants will happen again and he will not tell them to stop. He will nod and smile.

That’s exactly what he should do.

Where is home for her?

Should anyone critical of the President policies or America, be told to go home?

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Somalia. She faked a marriage to her brother and committed immigration fraud. That means her citizenship is based on fraud and she has to go back.

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I fully expect him to. He needs that level of admiration to function.

He may TRY during the next rally to quiet the crowd… but once he sees how low energy they become… he will be back to encouraging it.

Prove it.

She is a naturalized US citizen, been in the US since she was 10. This is her country, just as much as it is yours.

Being critical of America doesn’t mean someone should leave. If that were the case, Trump should take his own advice.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Dozens of official documents suggest that Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., was living with her current husband, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, throughout her entire legal marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, contradicting the story she tells to explain her multiple marriages.

A paper trail of legal documents, however, undermines Omar’s claim that her marriage to Elmi, a British citizen, came during a split from Hirsi. All available evidence suggests that her legal marriage to Elmi notwithstanding, Omar has always been in marital relationship with Hirsi.

Public documents, for instance, place Hirsi and Omar living in a home together in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis in 2009, the year Elmi and Omar married, and two years before Omar claims she reconciled with Hirsi.

In legal documents, including 24 traffic violations and misdemeanor charges against Hirsi obtained by the Washington Examiner, Hirsi listed his address at a single Cedar Riverside address consistently in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Four minor cases against Omar show that in 2007, 2009, and 2012, she listed her address at the same Cedar Riverside address.

Specifically, local courts listed this address for both Omar and Hirsi in separate traffic violations in mid-2009, the year Omar and Elmi married.

Let’s not forget about the current investigation of Ilhan Omar for 8 years of tax fraud. She’s going down.

It’s not a minor triviality. Its actually a major deal - crowds of white people chanting ‘send her back’ in reference to an immigrant politician at a presidential rally is the embodiment of Fascism to the Left…

It would have been unthinkable even a few years ago, in fact. Anywhere.


Just like everything else this too shall pass! This is just fodder for the bird cage! In few days no one will remember!

No just her! She should be deported or thrown in jail for committing fraud! You guys love a martyr like flies like cow dung, you are so predictable! Thanks for contributing!

If she did commit fraud, she should be prosecuted. It isn’t hard.