We are ALL Victims of Tactical Framing

We are ALL Victims of Tactical Framing. If you want to know what that is and why it is so bad…just watch:

They use the Green New Deal as an example, but it goes to just about anything within our politics. I venture to say not so many people know what is actually IN the Green New Deal, and that is because the media doesnt feel any obligation to do so. They think they are being clever by half being able to predict how it plays out…all the while making it a partisan issue before people know what it is. I see it in many of the threads we have here.

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You mean by groups like this? A rather long but terrifying read.

$230,000 to influence a hospital board election in Tulare, California?

If he doesn’t know what’s in the Green New Deal how does he know that the fate of the human race hinges on it passing Congress? He is guilty of what he is reporting about.

I don’t disagree with the media assessment, or with how they showed pundits framing and delivering issues. It’s a problem and all sides do it.

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No, its more of how the media will frame things in terms of the politics without even bothering to mention what the substance of the issue contains. The video is only 8 mins…you should watch it. You’ll get the gist of it pretty quickly.

Yep, this is where we are and will still be as we’re fried like bugs under a magnifier. The only way to make money in media is to promote fighting.

Pretty much like the ACA! No body knew what the substance of the bill was until they passed it. Something as important as healthcare was not allowed public debate, and is pretty much the same thing with this idea. Such a communist thing to do.