Was there a nuke war in ancient India?

Even the Biblical account of Sodom and Gomorra can be interpreted as a nuke war.

If that is the case the demoRATS have us in a nuclear war for over two years !!!

That’s what “Biblical” means. Probably.

There are several meanings associated with the word BIBLICAL and probably wasn’t one of them . just saying …



  1. relating to or contained in the Bible:

“the biblical account of creation” ·



scriptural · Bible-believing · fundamentalist · orthodox

  • resembling the language or style of the Bible:

“there is a biblical cadence in the last words he utters”

  • very great; on a large scale:

“we need rainfall of biblical proportions to bring us back to normal”

Mohenjo Daro is an archaeological site, an ancient city in Pakistan which demonstrates an extensive level of radiation. Dead bodies were found in the streets which demonstrate deaths occurred suddenly, and these bodies were radioactive.

The date of the ancient warfare in the Mahabharata points to a little over 2,000 BC, pretty much the same time period as the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra by fire.

Nuclear wars in ancient times are real and not fantasies.