Was Obama's Place of Birth Ever Nailed Down?

I’m older than Obama, and it took me about 15 minutes to find my birth records at the hospital where I was born. More or less public record. Admission date, mother & father’s names, attending physician, date & time of birth, & discharge date. If it ever were proven, Obama was not legal within the frame of law, every scrap of paper with his signature would be invalid.

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Well your latter statement is not true. There is nothing in our constitution or law that says his actions as president would be invalidated.

Personally I’m not satisfied he was born in HI because as far as I can remember the hospital records were supposedly “lost”.

At that time US citizenship was so highly valued people would lie, cheat, steal, even kill to have a US birth certificate for their kids.

My own brother was born the same year and the laws were rather complex at the time. He was born off post in a civilian Hospital in Germany so he was born a German citizen and we had to jump through quite a few hoops with the INS to square his citizenship status away. At 18 he had to make a decision and rejected his German Citizenship in favor of US citizenship and had to be naturalized in spite of the fact he was born of 2 US parents and my dad was serving in the Army stationed in Germany at the time.

The whole thing is sketchy to say the least.

But, the whole democrat party is sketchy these days. So, if it advances their agenda, who cares about sweating the small stuff.

Funny how they clamor for Trump’s tax returns to be made public but are MEH on validating the birth records of a President of the United States. :wink:

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Sheriff Joe already proved that a PDF doctored document was used to forge certain records! I have no doubt it’s the reason the evil forces of Soros went hard after him and why Trump pardoned the Sheriff as he knows this as well!

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I can’t speak to the validity of that.

So, the past is the past and we cannot change it.

But, what we can do is be more aware of the tactics and fight harder against them.

Well, it’s already proven! Soros bought the election that ultimately cost Sheriff Joe his re-election bid, and then the prosecutor who went after him!

But yeah whatever!

I can’t speak to doctored documents about birth certificates. Simply because I don’t know. That was a time in my life where other things took precedence over keeping up.

That means you have more information than I do.

I didn’t follow what Soros did to Sheriff Joe.

So I’d ask that given my history and interaction with you, you’d cut me more slack than a “yeah whatever!” type of response. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Jim, are you really bringing this up again. Besides the fact that Obama is history and there’s very real current problems to deal with. Your candidate for president laid this to rest three years ago…:man_shrugging:

Mr Trump said at a campaign event in Washington: "President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period.“

Doesn’t matter! Just because he laid it to rest doesn’t mean that the rest of us can not discuss the many inconsistencies that still persist in this issue to this day! Move on if you have nothing to add to this discussion, Trolls being trolls doesn’t validate a argument on the contrary!

I’m with you there. I love Sheriff Joe but I’m not sure just how credible his findings on this are.

How does that settle anything?

Same exact sentiments here, TWR…

The point I wanted to make was, I found all my birth records effortlessly. As far as Obama goes, not only ( supposedly ) were his birth records lost, the day or week log ( handwritten ) at the nurse’s station, also disappeared. No doubt a coincidence. Seems like quite a bit of information concerning Obama ended up in the wind.

If he had an actuall birth certificate issued by the state he could have gotten it released within 48 hours. He wanted to use the whole question as a divisive issue, not put it to rest.

It was only after Trump got involved and vowed to spend whatever it took to get to the bottom of it that one manically appeared.

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I am just curious what you think about his efforts to suppress his college records? To this day they remain a secret!

Perfectly legal but obviously he has something serious to hide.

Someone should have launched a fraud investigation and subpoenaed them.

I think they tried that already but failed! I can’t remember the last president who went all out in hiding their college records! My suspicion is that, and I heard this before from many sources that he was registered as a foreign student, and that Franklin Marshall Davis was paying his college tuition.

If you have a legitimate cause for investigation and a subpoena not even the privacy act can prevent them from being released.

I’m talking from the perspective of a criminal investigation where in his case fraud statutes would apply.

You can always find a friendly judge to toss a civil suit if you can make a good argument so that’s a whole nuther realm.

Grandma Vilula always said: If ya got nothin to hide, ya got nothin to hide.

Or if you are in the right financial position, you can offer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to whoever comes up with what you want. Maybe put it away for a rainy day. May have already happened. Amazing what $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ can do.