Was Mohenjo Daro (Pakistan) nuked 4,000 years ago?

Just like Pompei, bodies are scattered in the city. Death came suddenly. And skeletons are radioactive. The name “Monhenjo Daro” in the local language means of “hill of death” an off-limit location
What does the ancient Indian text say about the demise of the city?

Your sources are complete nuts.

The only logical explanation is a meteor strike.

See page 211.

You don’t need to imagine alien battles on earth in pre history to explain such devastation since we know it can be caused by meteorites.

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I have not read about Mohenjo Daro but green nuclear glass is found In multiple places on Earth and scientists are sure it came from meteors but their are Indian folk stories about little aliens coming from spaceships and abducting children you never know it could be a true story

on a side note does anyone remember when Iran accused America of being run by tall white aliens maybe one day that will be a Iranian folk stories

Large portions of Libya and N. Africa in general as well as Egypt have areas with lots of glass formed by meteors.

Is there a possibility that aliens visited in the ancient past? Sure. Is there any actual evidence to support the theory? No. Nearly every ancient culture has legends about “Gods” and “Aliens” but both are easily explained by natural occurances such as meteor strikes, meteor showers, comets, and volcanic activity.

What we can explain today with science they had no other way to explain other than with stories of magic and paranormal activity.

The Iranians have puked up all kinds of idiotic claims about the US, I give them no credence.

Who wants to trust what NASA says?
“Moon landing” of 1969? And astronauts came back in a piece of junk?

Glass is formed when a high heat is applied like a nuke blast

I originally read his article in Nexus Magazine
(Tall White base in California)

A fairly small asteroid/meteor can generate more energy than most nukes and even one the size of the house striking the earth could cause an explosion greater than all the nukes ever exploded in history.

How glass is formed by meteors has been well understood for centuries.

You only need to reach a temp of around 4,000F to turn sand into glass. No nukes needed.

Yes, I’ll take NASA over conspiracy nuts anytime.

I’m not saying this is true I think it’s a hoax but all it takes is for one of these folk stories to be true and it is a little strange that so many unconnected groups have similar stories

So you are saying that they had atomic technology for centuries, but shit in their own streets, wipe their asses w/their hands, and have mastered “tech support” in countries where they cannot complete a coherent sentence w/native speakers.

Seems legit.

Technologies can be transferred.
Look at North Korea. They were a bunch of starving peasants worshiping some crazed dictator family.
Now they have nukes.

Not really considering that all these cultures were at about the same level of development when the legends first arose.

Remember the planet was much more volcanically active and there were many more meteors and comets zooming around the solar system at the time that frequently passed near by or actually collided with the earth’s atmosphere if not the planet directly.

How do you think an educated ape today would explain a comet, meteor shower, or meteorite impact?

These people had no understanding of science at all much less what was going on outside of our own atmosphere. Hell the common belief at the time was that the earth was flat and if you traveled far enough in any direction you’d fall off into space.

Reminder that extremely long lasting non-natural isotopes are formed when nuclear weapons are detonated and do not appear in geological strata until the 1940s. Ancient pajeets did not have nuclear bombs.

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Dogon is fascinating. Like the Maya who knew astronomy hundreds (or maybe thousands) of years ahead of “us.”
Same with pyramids in Egypt: perfectly aligned north and south, their sizes matching the brightness of the three Orion belt stars, and other details Graham Hancock talks about.


None of which needs alien contact to explain.

Whenever you read wikipedia, you take it with a grain of salt because it’s been messed with by Zionists.

Nuke wars are nothing new in our neck of woods in the solar system

Bullshit. All you have to do is read the footnotes for the original sources and read them for yourself.

There’s zero evidence of a nuke hitting Mars but thousands and thousands of meteor impacts that can be clearly seen.

Stop drinking the swill of the nutters.

I have a Master’s in Geology.

Low Background Steel is a very real thing. Feel free to use DuckDuckGo to look it up. No one can fake isotopes.

their is a old channel 4 documentary that I will try to find for you it’s about a uncontacted tribe from Brazil. first contact was filmed with but their was no mutual language but by the end of the documentary their language had been decoded you will be surprised by the similarities we in the civilized world shared with them

but so many of these tribes have stories about contacts with aliens the Native Americans to the Aborigines and even the Romans had a story about having a battle and strange moving lights appeared in the sky that produced a strange liquid am not saying any of these stories are true but all it takes is one to be true and than it’s ground breaking territory

have you ever heard about or looked into the Rendlesham forest incident that’s a crazy story

When I read this…At one site, Soviet scholars found a skeleton which had a radioactive level 50 times greater than normal.

I knew the author did not know what they were writing about. That is many orders of magnitude too low to use as “evidence.”

Clearly this was a strike from a meteor or asteroid of very large mass.


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Yep. I used to listen to Art Bell lat nights to keep awake when I was driving or up studying and I still watch Ancient Aliens for entertainment value.

I enjoy debunking the Ancient Alien garbage with science and natural explanations.

We also at one time had every issue of National Geographic ever published up until 2002 and I grew up reading it religiously.

It really wouldn’t even take one of great mass. Some of them are moving at 40,000mph so one the size of a bus could produce an explosion on par with most of the nukes ever produced.

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