Was General Motors Really Broke

General Motors received money from the U.S. Government for a bailout. But I wonder, was GM really broke? Suppose you were the Chairman of the Board of General Motors and you looked out over the United States, what would you see? You would see that at least half of the cars on America’s highways were Japanese cars. That would be cars that you are not selling. Now I don’t know about you, but I know what I would do, I would be hopping on the first jet to Washington DC and pounding on my senator’s desk screaming that this bull has got to stop! You know, all these Japanese cars coming into America, especially when the Japanese do not really allow American cars to be sold in Japan, and no American car manufacturing plants in Japan, while the Japanese can set up car manufacturing plants in America and sell untold millions of Japanese cars in America. Yeah, that’s what I would do! But did anyone see the Chairman of the Board of GM do this? Hell no! Does this sound like something is fishy going on here? It is probably not well known that there were certain American businessmen who went to Japan, very shortly after the bombing had stopped, to give money and guidance to the Japanese to set up factories to manufacture many goods, including cars, which these American businessmen who sell in America! Now, this is what I believe: GM owns Toyota! And anyone who owns Toyota does not have to get money from the US Government! Oh, the traitors that be!

GM was going broke because of bad management and past labor agreements that backloaded ridiculous benefits and wages for current employees and retirees.

They were building mostly gas guzzlers and the 08 spike in fuel prices made most of what they were selling unsellable.

The best thing that ever happened to the big three was the flooding of the US with Japanese imports and Japanese cars being built in the US because it forced them to innovate and up their game to compete which has driven the quality of cars on our highways to levels never before envisioned.

Right now I own four vehicles all of which have over 100k miles on them. My wife’s daily commuter has over 350k on it and we’d feel perfectly comfortable driving cross country in any of them tomorrow.

In the seventies you’d be lucky to get 35k miles out of any American made vehicle without at least one major breakdown and with only 12,000 mile warranties being the rule, you’d likely be paying to replace at least one engine and/or transmission by then out of pocket.

We need to remember that America has an X amount of dollars, and when we spend trillions of dollars on Japanese cars a lot of that money goes to Japan. Everything in Japan is new, while our world here in America is old and crumbling down. Many stores in America are closing because people are not buying, they are not buying because Americans are running out of money. But the Japanese and Chinese are not running out of money because we send it to them. Yes, at one time American cars were not very good, but that has passed, now American cars are very good and there is no longer any excuse to by foreign cars. There is a conspiracy between the Japanese Government, the United States Government, and automobile dealers of America to sell Japanese cars in America. I notice that America flag stickers are mostly on Japanese cars, what is the reason for this? Is it because the buyers of the Japanese cars are ashamed of their deed? Is it because they really want to show that they are “real” Americans. Well they are not real Americans, real Americans buy American! Why are so many Americans fools!