War on Christianity is on

The Fed and the Russian Revolution which resulted in the deaths of 66 million Christians (according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

Renewed attack on Serbia, an Orthodox Christian country. Their enemy’s scheme in Ukraine is collapsing.

The situation in Serbia / Kosovo is the enemy’s diversion tactic

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I was trying to figure out what was going on with the Serbia situation and why now is this conflict escalating?

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They tried to stage a conflict between China and Taiwan for the same reason. They want to offer new crises to replace Ukraine, which they know is already a lost cause. Damage control, that is.

Other artificial tension areas are:
Tajikistan and Uzbekistan (I’m not sure if these two former Soviet republics share a border. LOL. Central Asia is confusing)

Azerbaijan and Armenia. (Nagarno Karabakh is an Armenian enclave within Azerbaijan. Armenia is an ancient Christian civilization, while Azerbaijanis are a mix of Iranian and Turkic peoples and are Muslims)

There was a coup attempt in Thailand, if I’m not mistaken. and last week in Germany, of all places! But this is very fishy.

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I just found this. Like Alex Christoforou says, the conflict in Kosovo / Serbia is being “stirred up”

There has always been a war on Christianity. Christians are, and always will be persecuted for their belief.

Jesus said… Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me .


Its what the CIA is all about! Operation “AJAX” is what turned democratic nations into totalitarian states and why the world hates the United States!

Additionally, Christians never knew who their enemy was and never learned from history. If you fail to learn from history, you will be forced to repeat history, as it is said repeatedly.

During the lifetime of Christ, the Pharisee were his worst enemy and they hated his guts. The Pharisee were just one of the several sects of Judaism two thousand years ago, but now it is the Judaism today.

The Pharisee elders were called rabbis and their oral traditions were written down in Babylon, along with the black magic there, and these questionable teachings became the Talmud.

In other words, today’s Judaism is Pharisee, as wikipedia clearly says:

The proper role of a Christian is to be A political. It gives proper context to why they appear not to learn from history.

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In the Middle East, religion is politics and politics is religion.

Very pronounced in Islam, but Christianity is no exception.

Only reason why its political is because people made it political and tried exploiting it as such, however proper Christians are not suppose to wade into politics because its a worldly construct.

“Of this world but not in it”


Yes, that’s what Christ taught, but the Church does not always practice it.

The Church is what is going to burn the most when Christ comes for his bride! That is what the separation of the tares means in Revelations.

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