War Has Devastating Impact on Women

So so devastating. Imagine being a woman stuck at home while your husband is dying for Israel. These women suffer through so much while posting their profiles on Tinder and riding as much black cock as they can get their hands on while hubby is exposed to radiation and disease. I feel so bad for these women.

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I don’t understand why they have to make it about them. War is brutal for everyone involved in different ways. Why do women feel so compelled to make everything about them?

Hillary Clinton planned to use women and girls as political pawns a decade ago.

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As Hillary Clinton said: women have always been the primary victims of war. The men get to suffer & die in horrendous conditions in pointless wars for elite interests, but ultimately they’re dead, they don’t feel anything after that. Poor women have to go on living without their loyal men to work for them as serfs-where are they going to get all their spending money? How can women go shopping without a man working 3 jobs to support her lazy ass? Hubby got captured as POW & tortured & beheaded? OMG there goes wifey’s meal ticket, whatever will she do?

Thankfully, as Hillary also says, the future is female. As we know from Hillary’s own bloodstained record, if women ruled the world there would be no more wars. If only Hillary had won in 2016, imagine First Woman President Commander-in-Chief Hillary ordering the male-only selective service draft into active effect to force men to be shipped off to fight World War 3 with Russia over her personal grudge against Putin…

Military recruiting would collapse if American men knew how much their women would cheat on them while they were deployed.

Ain’t that the truth. I thought I share a true story here.

While I was deployed to Iraq, there was this one soldier named “Mort” who I was working with that was having a hard time coping with things back home and it was affecting his emotional well being to function as a soldier. Having just experienced a new born arrival just before he got his marching orders, things were spiraling out of control in terms of his support system back home. This is a common problem with a lot of soldiers where suicide rates among soldiers was at an all time high, so naturally I took this persons experience with a concerned interest! Anyway after the 7th month of his deployment in Iraq, he revealed to me that his wife told him that she decided to become a porn star. What do you think the range of emotions would be going through this young man’s head when receiving this news? The young man was pretty level headed about his situation, still, I couldn’t help but notice a severe change in his demeanor, thus I made a concerted effort to befriend this man and encourage him to be positive.

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Hillary disgusts me, but i just dont see how this was that bad (assuming the red text is commentary). It was politically strategic, but to say she planned to use women and girls as political pawns is a stretch. Every politician makes politically strategic statements. Maybe im wrong, but lets not be hypocrites.

You are a good man and a good friend. I would have been tempted to off myself if that were me.
I hope hes doing well now.

I know the lazy, entitled woman. Most women i know are not like that tho.
I cringe because i feel like im defending Hillary on this site, multiple times, when i really, really dont like her. Please God make it stop! I only defend her when i feel that it is a baseless or illogical attack. How much more blatently sexist can you be dude?
“How can women go shopping without her man working 3 jobs supporting her lazy ass”
You do know that there are loads of motivated, successful women, right? Just because you were with a cow, doesnt mean they’re all like that.
And, there are a ton of lazy-ass men who live off their women.
I’m sorry, but youre bias does not reflect the world, just because it reflects yours.

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Thanks Dave, I appreciate that kind comment!

Just a follow upi, “Good Ole Mort” is doing well these days. Since leaving the Army, he was able to get the help he needed, and is now remarried and is successfully running his own IT company in Georgia! Some stories have happy endings, such as winning full custody of his child from the previous marriage as well!

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Hell, everyone knows it’s going on. You can always tell what units are deployed by who’s wives are in the EM/NCO clubs and clubs downtown.

It’s the worst kept secret in military history.

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Unfortunately there are a hell of a lot of women who marry men in combat arms simply because of the benefits and how much their husbands will be gone.

Yes! That is why a lot of the marriages that do survive with long deployments, are ones that either have strong support base rooted in strong connections to their faith, church and communities. The others that don’t, survive don’t have as strong of a support system. This element of it is so important.

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I’d imagine war has a devastating impact on women who are married to a man they love and are faithful to. Especially if he returns home in a casket. Especially if they have children.

I’m not sure why the bashing of women as a blanket statement.


To prove you’re not a #metoo leftie.

Israel is a close ally to the USA and you seem to purposely overlook Countries that hate us and receive aid ?
Jordan ($US635,800,000)

Kenya ($US632,500,000)

Tanzania ($US534,500,000)

Uganda ($US435,500,000)

Zambia ($US428,525,000)

Nigeria ($US413,300,000)

Afghanistan ($US5 billion)

Israel ($US3.2 billion)

Iraq ($US1.3 billion)

Egypt ($US1.3 billion)

Syria ($US541,500,000)

Jordan ($US364,200,000)

Lebanon over $376 million in foreign aid each year. That’s $85 per citizen. And yet they still hate u,s , Iran , Obama Administration gave this terrorist-sponsoring nation over $33 billion over a three-year period. Pakistan is a hotbed of terrorist activity and training , Between 2002–2010, the U.S. Congress approved $18 billion .

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Looks like we need MORE women in combat zones to even the playing field , then the men can suffer as well . :innocent:

I got hit by a grenade on August 5th, 2011 during my last deployment. That must’ve been terrible for everyone else who didn’t get hit by a grenade. lol

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Yep, I feel your pain is so hard to say. :wink:

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