War comes closer to home for Russians

The biggest news in Russia this past weekend is the assassination of a well-known war correspondent / blogger in a cafe in St Petersburg.
While he was giving a talk, a young woman, pretending to be his fan, presented him with a statuette which contained a 400 gram bomb.
The blogger was from the Donbass (despite his curious name Tatarsky) and an ardent supporter of the Russian war effort there.
The face of the despicable murderer / terrorist.

As Gonzalo Lira correctly points out, this heinous act will work negatively for Ukraine, just like torture and murders of Russian POWs early in the war.

Scott Ritter is on top of the Ukrainian kill list.
The US State Department is financing this regime.

DAM! I think I saw parts of this particular story a few days earlier.

Zelensky’s Ukraine is paving a way for a merger with Poland (and Lithuania), as Alex Christoforou points out.

Destruction of the Orthodox church in western Ukraine is another war front for Russians.

This is Kiev’s mouthpiece, so discretion is required.