WaPo Columnist Wants Kellyanne, Trump Officials Taken Off the Air

This woman — literally – wants one side given. Sullivan says her side — opinion — is the truth. She says we must remove Kellyanne Conway and other Trump staff from the airwaves.

Such is the state of the media today. If you disagree with these people or make a mistake, you are a liar. You are removed from the public square if deemed a liar by the all-powerful media. They will decide what you are allowed to see and hear.


Such is the way of the left: If we can’t win in public debate, we will silence the opposition.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

I want the Washington Post out of business.

Neither of us will get what we want.

Jeff Bezos needs to calm his personal shills down. He makes a lot of his money from the government. It would be shitty for him if he started losing all of those lucrative AWS contracts.

Trump needs to immediately assert state control of all media. It’s the only way, apart from Infowars and Tucker Carlson, that the American people will ever hear the truth.

Not at all. That is a what a totalitarian state would do…such as Russia or China.

Freedom of the press is the way to go. Criticism of a lying press or a biased press is totally justified, but silencing them is not.

The problem is that criticism results in being de-monetized, de-platformed, or both.

Freedom of the press is how the enemy subverts everything decent about America, and emboldens anti-Christian, anti-American elements to get a foothold in our nation.

We need to temporarily restrict the freedoms of the 1A, just until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

That is typically the liberal way of silencing the opposition. Rather than debate the claims made by conservative broadcasters, they attack the financial support of the “offending” network by encouraging their useful idiots to boycott the sponsors.

Fighting fire with fire requires only that conservatives boycott the chickenshit sponsors that abandon the broadcaster.

It’s all about money…has little to do with principles.

We’ll just agree to disagree on this point.