Want Proof that Leftists are insane?

No words are necessary for this epic snowflake meltdown!


Holy crap what a nut job.


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LOL…sounds just like em.

Specially when you get bunch of em together. :wink:

Someone should have called the police and have her arrested for disturbing the peace.

That outburst reminded me of a chimp flinging poop at anyone that makes eye contact with it … she was simply engaging in some kind of dominance display as a form of harassment.

Good lord, what a nut job.

I call B.S. She was having a lot of fun doing that. Looked completely staged.


Someone should hav called the police who should have taken hr in for a sanity test. Instant prim and proper.

Like I said, it looked like some kind of intimidation / dominance display.

The woman in question looked like a retard, staged or not

We have done away with our mental institutions and I believe you have too, so what do you expect? You’re going to get nutters on the streets. The biggest difference is nowadays they are not only out, they have a platform called the internet and they gang up together to make a lot of noise. In the past, no one took any notice of them because they were lone nutters, but now unfortunately they get listened to. Libtard nutters is not the new norm!

That looks staged to me. Look at her smile.

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Well obviously she wasn’t screaming because she was so upset she had to. Apparently that is what passes for civilized protest in her empty head. I am guessing it was nothing more than a calculated move to have the people she was screaming at removed from campus. Campuses do that now. Like when they disallow conservative speakers for safety sake, because the left loses their mind over it. Oh we aren’t against free speech but we have to think about students safety. So instead of removing the people causing the problem, they remove the people the troublemakers blame for them losing their minds.

Attention whore…

From what I see the universities are thriving as our “mental institutions”.

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It’s simply becoming how progressives proverbially fling poop at whoever makes eye contact with them. Even her pounding the ground reminded me of a chimp pounding the ground in mid territorial tantrum.


Art major! We got an art major here!


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