Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Cost

I can understand why some men would take that route, if only to avoid all chance of false accusation or misunderstandings.

Over the last two decades I’ve gotten into custom kitchens and other custom work.

One of my biggest fears is wives…yes wives needing that certain attention…which gets me walking on eggshells if you know what I mean. How do you respond, how will they make your life difficult if you don’t?

If anything that made me understand women more about what they have to go through in the work place.

So it’s not just restricted to women…men also are sexually harassed and intimidated.


That’s impressive. Is it your livelihood, or just something you do on the side?

I’m semi-retired.

Doing more and more for family to increase their home value etc.

But I still do a couple kitchens a year if it’s interesting and doesn’t waste my talent.

If they aren’t in the room alone with one another the woman can’t make stuff up about the man and run to EEO.

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Again, that’s impressive. I’d be fortunate to change a light bulb without burning the house down.

I feel at home in my shop. Work at my own pace and make a few bucks while doing it.

But back to OP. I certainly understand how women feel but I just want to point out it’s not just women that are sexually harassed.

It’s just as frighting for men…knowing that a person, a woman can make individual life miserable for a man just as easily.

As I used to work in the financial sector investment banking I can see why some women are uncomfortable with some men.

Ive seen men in my field act like fucking pigs, but Ive also seen some women milk it too.

I have a female assistant who I am alone with many times, the difference we set boundaries from day one

Ive been alone with female clients and Ive never had a problem, mind you I’m strictly business, we don’t do any meals alone especially dinner, to me dinner is personal.

I get what certain females are saying but the problem I have with it is, they want equality but when its presented to them some cries out harassment.

Lets be honest most men when talking to other men are pigs, when a female in the minority joins the conversation it can get uncomfortable.

Ive been in meetings where two men who know each other and enjoys teasing and bantering will reply to another comment and say " hey that is bullshit and blow me" , well you can’t say that to a female particularly feminists because they consider that harassment.

If men and women have to work together men today have to be really aware of what they say, and the groping definitely has to stop.

I think the Me too has created an obstacle for women who want to get ahead because they have to side with feminist with unrealistic expectation on how people interact .


Is it impossible for men to not be accused of being such otherwise?

Yes. Do you not?

Good manners know no gender.

A lot of women today don’t have good manners.

The surest way to get a man to act like a gentleman is for a women to act like a lady.


Yeah, aren’t most of the Weinstein cases typical Hollywood “I will let him screw me so I get the role” stuff? Suddenly 20 years later she regrets it. Also, simple solution is a phone in man’s shirt pocket with the camera on, heck, let this be a company policy and any bullshit lawsuit will be stopped dead in it’s tracks.

Yep. And “I thought it was a meeting, so I went to his hotel/house.” Bull shit.

You are so right, Conan. Men are sexually harassed as well.

Imagine doing all of that work on a kitchen only to have the woman make a false accusation about you for the sole purpose of not paying the rest the bill.

Oh I’m not talking about false accusation…but actually coming on to me…wanting my attention so to speak.

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And if you reject it? Nothing worse than a woman scorned.

But, false accusations can happen as well…


Precisely…and then no matter how the job turns out there will always be something wrong with it that forces you to keep going back again and again. And thus use that to delay final payment.

And some of kitchens I can have hundreds of hours involved.

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It happens to my techs out in the field too…

One woman kept rats as pets and came out in a bathing suit with a rat on her shoulder and the tail in her cleavage. :nauseated_face:

We :rofl: till we cried on that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well at least she had bathing suit on. :wink: