Wall is being built-60 miles completed in AZ

So CPB showing us 60 new miles of “Ballard Type Wall” completed in AZ and 60 new miles completed in the Rio Grande Valley with a projected 420 miles to be completed by the end of the Fiscal year next year.

The video was shown and discussion had with the head of the CPB on F&F this morning.

The naysayers will of course work overtime to spin this as somehow being bad or a failure on the part of the Administration.

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Suddenly construction has moved very efficiently.

Very good news.

I wonder if the open borders philosophers have ever considered a mass migration north due to a natural disaster…Like perhaps a major fire in the Amazon…and how easy it could be to have a border migration spiral out of control to overwhelm our system.

Immigration is wonderful when it is legal, orderly, and the objective is for assimilation of Constitutional principles for all.

Good post!!


With all the legal barries the democrats threw up I’m almost surprised this much has gotten done.

I think the total now is around 240 miles of new wall completed since Trump took office but now that most if not all of the legal roadblocks have been removed construction is going to go into overdrive.

Depending on terrain if I read right they can put up more than a mile a day of the Ballard Type Wall sections.

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You left out the video in your OP!

Having a highway on one immediate side is as good as a moat for anyone that wants to climb or tunnel.

Well done!!


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Didn’t have a video to post, it ran on F&F live a few minutes ago.

The libs must be running around with their hair on fire :joy:

Both projects are being funded with money initially allocated to the Defense Department that was redirected by Trump’s executive order.

Use of the money was previously frozen by lower courts while a lawsuit proceeded. Last month, however, the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for the use of about $2.5 billion.

For some reason, I found this funny :rofl:

Conservationists say a wall — and its construction— would be detrimental to wildlife habitat and would block the migration of animals such as bighorn sheep and wolves. Two cases are pending in U.S. courts.

Could there be any greater example of disconnect here? Typical lib. :roll_eyes:

Lib: “Oh, hi. I don’t want a wall cause of the cactus?”
Con: “Derp, if we build a wall there will be no reason for the park to be overrun by illegals. People can start going back to the park and the cactus will be safer than they were before.”
Lib: “That isn’t true! You have no proof of this! Show me a link!” :laughing:

Jordahl hoped the courts would step in to protect Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

The vast park is known for its oddly shaped cactuses that resemble organ pipes and for its many saguaros.

Signs all over the park warn visitors that they might encounter smuggling activity. Until five years ago, large swaths of the park were closed to the public due to dangerous conditions and following the 2002 shooting death of Kris Eggle, a park ranger who died while pursuing suspected drug cartel members.

Sounds like the in house resident clown we are already familiar with! :joy::joy::joy:

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This really is good news. You have to love Trump’s perseverance and willingness to find a work around.

Good point. Imagine if there were an outbreak of a disease like Ebola that caused a mass panic and surge over the border…carrying the disease with them.

Or, a war that people are fleeing from…

There are a lot of ancillary good reasons for a wall. Forward thinkers take this into consideration and plan for it. There may come a day when libs have to grudgingly admit the wall wasn’t as bad of an idea as they believed.