Virus: On stupidity of always following latest news

Synopsis of David Icke presentation.
Don’t be thrown around by “latest news” and fear mongering.
Always wait a few days or longer, until hysteria dies down and new views and opinions appear from different sources.

Hegelian dialectic: Problem, reaction, solution.
Create a problem artificially.
Have the masses fall into hysteria by (fake and exaggerated) news.
And offer solution which would not have been accepted.

The virus in China was “anticipated”

John Hopkins Hospital/University has often been involved in New World Order schemes.

Watch out for “simulations”. Terrorist attacks and virus outbreaks have been run as simulations ahead of the time.

The rich men’s club from Davos wants to centralize power by the climate change hoax and virus scare, very harmful to the Chinese economy.

Watch out for vaccination and agenda of human transformation.

Vigilantes are motivated by fear and hysteria.

Bottom line: Don’t believe the mainstream media and hysteria mongers in alternative media.

None of it matters because this is all just a simulation anyway.