Virtue Signaling Senator Cory 'Spartacus' Booker Announces he is Running for President

Cory Booker waited until the first day of Black History Monthf to announce his candidacy for president. This isn’t even a real candidacy, yet. Booker is testing the market to see who will be the front-runner on the Kamala Harris - Corey Booker diversity ticket.

Use this thread to post all sorts of bad shit about Corey Booker.

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Reminder: Cory Booker took over $400,000 from the pharmaceutical industry and then voted down a bill to allow Americans to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada.

It’s going to be Biden/Harris in 2020. It’s not what I want but I would put money on this being what happens. It checks off all the right boxes but won’t scare the neoliberals and boomers.

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Corey Booker supports killing babies during delivery.

Corey Booker gives black people a bad name.

I don’t see many blacks supporting a closeted homosexual vegan who is religiously a Baptist but role plays as a ■■■ (not kidding - Google it).

They voted for Obama who has Michael at his side.

S. Noble gets it!

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I don’t know that much about Dem politics these days, but from what I do know, I give Booker decent odds. Definitely better than Biden. Obama was a coffee-house communist, who pretended to be both a Christian and Muslim. The Democrats these days can hold three or more conflicting positions, they just don’t care any more. Their politics is a chaos of tortured, incoherent conceits.

First cock eyed president. Not a chance. Guy is a total retard. Spartacus. Clown.

Mayor of a shit hole. I wouldn’t put that on my resume.

I think I’ve revised my odds on Booker to be longer. He comes across often as an angry scold, a male Elizabeth Warren. The Dems won’t want another irritant like that. There’s plenty of aspirants who can say the same exact things and not be nearly as annoying.

Umm so he’s another Barack Obama?

I think they intended, possibly still do, Francis ORourke to be the next good looking empty suit to rally behind.