Virginia Passes Bill to Give Electoral Votes to Popular Vote Winner

Yes well it’s not…

That’s not for you to decide. That’s for the Supreme Court to decide.

What a way to just give away your State rights and to tell Virginians their votes don’t count and they are nothing but “subjects” (or slaves) to the other 49 states. WOW how the hell did these people get elected anyway. :roll_eyes:

Never underestimate the power of a large group of useful idiots!

Now let’s hope that President Trump gets the popular vote and all these liberal assholes will be forced to have their votes count for Trump.

So you like big government telling big business what to do. Funny how things change.

Disarm the people- that is the best and most effective way to enslave them.

James Madison

My Uncle Bill, who was a homicide detective told me: “There is nothing more dangerous than giving a little power to a little person”.

The “Your Vote Doesn’t Count Unless You Voted The Same as California and New York” act.

The federal government actually has no delegated power to regulate many things involving business that it regulates thanks to FDR and company’s high handed lawlessness … but they do have some measure of delegated power when it comes to voting.

I know, delegated powers are such a obsolete concept … right?

Yep ALL 150% of them !! Every illegal will be counted . :roll_eyes:

What a hoot; our libs are in panic mode. Trump walks away from a bogus impeachment process, and so, what’s next on the Liberal agenda. Graspers of straws. Desperation in spades.

I got it. We need no rhyme or reason runaway chaos. Every man for himself. Hey, something we haven’t tried yet.

An argument can certainly be made that the government has the authority to regulate business concerning consumer protections. Whether or not delineated in the constitution.

Clinton walked away from a bogus impeachment process, what’s your point.

The two still were, and ALWAYS will be impeached by the House of Representatives in perpetuity****

Very telling… :thinking:

The process was bogus? Do tell… :joy:

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If the states go around the electoral college, doesn’t that set up a legal fight because the electoral process is set in the Constitution?

This is what a Democrat super majority looks like. No checks and balances. No consideration for opposing views. This is what happens when the Dems don’t have a babysitter.


As soon as democrats start regularly loosing the vote but winning the White House republicans will be all about dropping the EC…