Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax denies sexual assault allegation


Good luck with that. :rofl:


I’m not convinced by Justin Fairfax’s denials and am disgusted by the way he is threatening the media and his alleged victim. He should step down. No more male politicians please.

Anyone responding anything other than “amen” should probably have a good answer to what exactly do you think a successful, democratic professor at Scripps has to gain by accusing the Lt. Gov. of VA of assaulting her.


Sucks to be a democrat in Virginia today


Yep. We should just hand over the reins to the likes of Notorious AOC and the Hildawg. Rashida and the like.


It gets better…third in line is also self admitted blackface. :rofl:


Perhaps the firm sought her out and offered to do it pro bono…as they claimed was the case with Lyin’ Blasey-Ford.


Isn’t it interesting:

  1. A hard left professor ‘comes forward’ with completely unsubstantiated accusations against Kavanaugh right before he is to become the conservative tie breaker on the SCOTUS, and the Dems hold her back until after the hearings for maximum effect.

  2. The professor uses a high profile Dem. advocacy and highly litigious firm to represent her.

  3. Dems hashtag #believeher and that ALL women should automatically be believed.


  1. Fairfax’s accuser, also a professor, is widely doubted by the left ‘the timing’s just too perfect’, as Fairfax would replace disgraced Gov. Thornton - “it must be Thornton’s team!!”

  2. The professor is represented by the same high profile firm as Basey

  3. Fairfax is represented by the same firm as Kavanaugh


From 2012.

With the recent mergers/acquisitions, the number is more than likely going to end up being less than six now.


I’m enjoying watching the democrats get eaten by the very monster they created.

However… there are some crazy women out there and they don’t need to have anything to gain. There are plenty of false accusations levied at men.

I wonder about tha specific charge of him holding her head such that she could not move. Maybe she had a muscle spasm and could not move her head. How would Fairfax have known? Fairfax should get some doctors on his legal team and thoroughly investigate this possibility.

As much as I enjoy watching libs eat their own, we need to separate real assault from false accusations and ridiculous definitions of assault that are nothing more than the woman’s morning-after regret.

Now I will return to my partisan self and cheer on the demise of libs. :smile:


Do you think women are any better? Women can be just as abusive as men.


On the VA debacle in NYT

“Crashing, oh! one now two accusations and it… it’s a terrific scandal, ladies and gentlemen. It’s blackface, and sex crimes now; and the administration is crashing to the ground, and now another accusation, not quite to the party center. Oh, the hilarity! And all the pundits screaming around here. I told you; it – I…” - Herb Morrison’s ghost.

Well well:


I have a question: What made her open her mouth? :thinking:


Better yet, or bite it off. :open_mouth:


I’m giving the same benefit of the doubt to Justin Fairfax that I gave to Brett Kavanaugh.

Just how do you prove such an accusation 15-20 years after the fact? Or disprove it?





You just proved why at least one of them will survive