Virginia Democrats Ignore Massive 2nd Amendment Rally, Move Ahead with Controversial Red Flag Legislation

I make my point every time. You’re too full of hate to see the writing on the wall.

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Well, you do have a point! There is something to be said to being fit when the SHTF. Most are aloof to this reality when push comes to shove! Those who survive are the ones who are physically fit to endure living off the land and the stresses that come with living in a state of chaos that puts self preservation as a heighten alert.

There’s also a lot to be said about having enough reserves to operate for extended periods without regular meals.

You won’t see a lot of skinny guys in special ops.

Yeah but you got to have stamina and be reasonably fit to cover great distances. That is of course other variables come into play where hunting and gathering becomes a way of life, or no fuel to run things like autos, or adversarial threats.

Not without spamming…

When I was active nearly all of us had to get “fat boy waivers” because of our BMI. We were strong as hell and had days or weeks of stamina but according to the charts we were overweight.

“Fit” as generally defined assumes you will be eating 3 or more solids a day but in the field we’d only pack one MRE or C Rat at most for each day we were expected to be on an op and that’s all they’d drop us if we were on an extended OP. Anything more we were expected to find on our own.

Many Americans are rightfully on guard when it comes to their Second Amendment rights. There is a whole subculture, lobby and multitude of groups dedicated to celebrating firearms, monitoring political attacks on gun rights and fighting against them.

On the other hand, another cherished freedom, the right to express your beliefs, has been totally ceded to leftist dominated activist groups, like the ACLU. Big problem.

Who has ceded their first amendment rights?

“We’re going to suspend your rights to protest, to bear arms, to privacy, to travel unmolested, to presumption of innocence and to trial by jury.”


“To protect you from terrorists.”

“Why do we need to be protected from terrorists?”

“They hate us because we are free…”

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Have you seen pictures of these goofballs running around in that rally. Scary. I see a whole lot of people that were there that I wouldn’t want as my neighbor.

Not true almost comical in fact , the nra has more money then aclu ,by the buckets full.

How can you show this picture without rolling on the floor, what are these guys in the top picture. Is this a comedy routine. They are the last people I want for a neighbor.

Then I suggest moving to a densely populated urban hellscape like Chicago or Detroit where you are likely to find the type of neighbor you seem to be looking for.




Shit I would rather have a illegal living next to me then one of you NRA wackos.

So why don’t you? Like living in a safe neighborhood or do you want to live around criminal scum without any means to protect yourself or your family?

Never fear, we’re all around you everywhere you look and especially in the shadows where you don’t see.

I know that , you people are shooting people all the time and when you are not doing that you are shooting your self in the foot Bang bang! you people are up to 40,000 deaths a year. Hay 20 guns per person isn’t enough, considering you only have one trigger finger , better buy more.

Oh look…the 2A rally had zero effect on VA lawmakers. Shocking. Why are patriots still convinced their opinions matter? You can protest until the cows come home. They don’t care what you want.

Well that’s BS, we only have about 9,000 firerms homicides in the US each year about 95% of those are committed by felons and others who cannot legally posses a firearm.