VIRGINIA: County Enlists Citizen Militia to Resist Red Flag Laws, Protect Gun Rights

We are about to see some civil disobedience going down in Virginia. I’m surprised they are fighting back this hard. Let this be a lesson to all of us. This is what the initial stages of political resistance to left wing tyranny looks like.

A Virginia county is taking an unprecedented step to protect the Second Amendment rights of its citizens. Tazewell County, Virginia passed a militia resolution, allowing all able bodied, law-abiding citizens to join the local militia and adding firearms training to public school curricula.

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I think we are going to see what “come and take it” actually looks like…and it’s not going to be pretty.

I’m glad that all of these counties are doing this. The left never complained when cities were passing sanctuary city laws to protect the illegals. Likewise, they can’t be complaining when a city or a county passes a law to protect a citizen!

Feds swooping in 3…2…1…!

I’m actually surprised this is occurring tbh, I didnt think any citizen had it in them in particular from the commonwealth of Virginia.

It will be interesting how many “join” and what their conversations look like.

This is the 2nd Ammendment in action to protect the right to bear arms of Legal Law Abiding gun owners.
Also the Red Flag Laws doesn’t give someone protection from people who will use the law to harass someone they don’t like or have problems with a neighbor.
Hopefully this goes nationwide except on the Left Coast.

Yeah, like Randy Weaver, they’ll be met with overwhelming force, and the untrained, undisciplined red necks will indeed find out.

If that’s your belief, you’ve listened to Hannity or Jones’ interpretation of red flag laws rather then reading them yourself, so that you could see the safeguards from such abuse.

Your commentary gives the impression that an angry neighbor or family member can call the police and ask them to come confiscate their firearm and the police would do so. Of course that’s just false.

The specifics of red flag laws vary by jurisdiction, and no two red flag laws are identical. As a general rule, these laws allow non-state actors (family members, teachers, etc.) to request that a hearing be held on whether someone close to them should have his or her right to possess firearms temporarily revoked because he or she is an extreme risk of danger to self or others

Why do you want the boot of the state on the neck of your fellow citizen?

I disagree that red flag laws are the boot of government on anybody’s neck. And, red flag laws are being mischaracterized by people promoting fake news.

I can assure all of you that if a red flag law is pursued, and the court hearing determines that a particular individual in possession of a fire arm is a threat to their community, and sheriffs deputies are dispatched, armed with a court ordered warrant, and said individual fires upon them in resistance to a firearm confiscation, they may at that moment kill two LEO’s fulfilling the law, but what comes after him next will end with him, and any buddies foolish enough to come join him, in the morgue.

The person who is accused of having something wrong with them in the case of red flag laws has no legal representation at the hearing before the judge. It enables anyone to make up anything that they want about someone. Then the police show up ready to kick a door down and take someone’s guns. That’s the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever heard of and I can’t believe anyone in this country would advocate for something so stupid.

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Red flag laws differ widely as they are state laws, so you have to be specific, some of them allow concerned citizens to contact LEO’s who investigate and petition the court for hearings, some allow, citizens direct petition of the court, like seeking restraining orders, these laws are designed for emergency situations, are expedited, are narrowly defined, and available without burdensome expense so all party’s can present without the costs associated with attorneys. It shouldn’t be a financial burden for concerned citizens to report concerns. And of course any orders are absolutely temporary and do not represent sweeping gun confiscation.

The most unbelievable thing is that there are those who don’t want people who are showing signs of violence to be temporarily disarmed. At least Red Flag laws follow legal proceedings, whereas it was your beloved president who suggested that cops just using their own judgement confiscate guns and let the courts sort it out latter…such is his ignorance of jurisprudence and the the US constitution.

That’s right, they are stupid and likely unconstitutional. It’s why the liberals love it so much. They don’t have the spine to come and take the guns that they don’t like so much away from conservatives so they will use the state to do it for them. Cowards. I always try to turn the other cheek but I have to tell you right now these liberal morons deserve what comes next.

And what would that be???

Whatever happens when a bunch of morons continuously poke a sleeping bear. You’ll know it when it happens, don’t worry.

So you think that removing firearms from people with mental health issues, and a danger to their community is akin to poking a sleeping bear!!! And who is the sleeping bear. People with mental health issues, or people who do not have mental health issues, or displays of violence and will not be affected by any red flag law?

I think removing anything from anyone without a lawyer present is just bad business and un-American.

There are roughly between 700,000 and 800,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the US.

By rough estimates, there are more than 140 million law-abiding gun owners.

Those aren’t very good odds if you want the state to come and take it.

This is precisely why the founders put the second amendment in place to begin with. It wasn’t for hunting or protecting your home, it was for protecting yourself and your community from the government.

These “rednecks” you seem so disgusted by are the reason you get to live in the United States. They crushed an empire, twice, with nothing but farm equipment and small arms.

No it’s not, you don’t have a good understanding of emergency hearings.

Btw, it was your beloved president who stated that cops, using their own judgment, should confiscate guns at times without any process whatsoever, letting the courts sort it out later, and that constitutionally ignorant pos still enjoys your support…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

That presumes that all gun owning Americans would simultaneously stand together and confront them. It also dismissed the toughest, most well trained and combat experienced military.

But anyway, RFL’s are not about sweeping gun confiscation making your point moot.

That’s a false interpretation and the brevity of the 2A DOES NOT SAY THAT.