Virginia: Black Navy Sailor Shoots Two White Women Dead at 7-Eleven, Then Kills Himself



Donovan Moora.

The women were Navy diversity hires as well.

The absolute STATE of the Armed Forces in 2019.

Daily Mail:

Virginia authorities are investigating the shooting deaths of three active duty service members in what appears to be a triple murder and suicide.

Shianne Soles, 19, of Veradale, Washington, and Meaghan Burns, 23, of Massachusetts, were found fatally shot in their torsos at a 7-Eleven in Portsmouth, Virginia, Saturday at about 11.30pm.

Authorities also found Donovan Moora, 22, of New York, with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his upper body inside a car at a nearby Dollar General store.

All three service members were declared dead on the scene.

Police believe that Moora shot Soles and Burns before turning the gun on himself, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

Soles and Burns were stationed at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, while Moora was stationed at Field Medical Training Battalion East in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The relationship between the three service members is unclear.



He looks gay. Maybe they laughed at him.


Or…he tried to have sex with both of them and they refused to burn the coal. If they did burn the coal, toll paid in full.


What a selfish piece of shit. Two beautiful patriotic women murdered by a fellow service member in their own country. The military needs to step up their game with these background investigations and end diversity hiring bullshit.

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Did you notice race was mentioned in nearly all the headlines , when a black is killed by a white , it is in bold print and mention in every sentence .