Violent Migrants Tear Down Fence at US Border

The US is utterly collapsing. There is literally no point in even having National Guard, Border Patrol, or Texas law enforcement there, once these illegals get through all these agents of the state can do is stand there like drooling retards and let them run rampant.

Shoot the fuckers.



At this point, I consider the USA dead and view myself as a foreigner in a new country.

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That really is the whole point! To demoralize the citizenry to which they become incapcitated to do anything about it!


I can understand that but, I don’t think we’re quite there… yet.

Voting will not fix this situation.

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Yep! This is evil upfront. Best advice to fellow Americans!

  1. Make sure you are exercising your 2nd Amend rights
  2. Be always prepared /situational awareness
  3. Be Spiritually fit
  4. Make sure you have a membership with a Gun association that can provide Legal representation if needed!
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I am running security services for several clients with daughters now! They will bring lots of pain if they these scum maggot invaders try anything!


I think a this point its the contempt that is brewing under the surface that is about to explode at any moment. Americans have to protect themselves more now because they are being betrayed by their own government! America is becoming a failed state! Tom Clancy predicted this would happen!

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The LIBERALS in the government are enabling the ANARCHY taking place at the border. Where the FK is the " BORDER TSAR"? Who is she ORALLY SERVICING while this is happening?
The National Guard didnt put ENOUGH KNOTS in these peoples HEADS!!!

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Hopefully when trump gets in American appetite will have change and you guys will finally be hungry for mass deportations including that of Anchor babies go back home these foreigners

Just dump them on the Mexico border

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Nothing will happen. We will continue getting flooded and no one will lift a finger. It doesn’t matter who gets elected. This country is beyond fucked. Might as well plan an exit.

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We didn’t have this problem when Trump was POTUS. When he is elected again, I expect this problem will go away… again.

They have learned from Israel, that the US government won’t do shit, unconditional aid remains constant and there are never any consequences for biting the hand that feeds them.

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Yes, that’s true right now. I expect Trump to be elected… barring any of the last bullshit that went on. We’ll see what happens then.

Trump cut aid to three Central American countries. He never cut off aid to Mexico despite the cartels playing an active role in the smuggling of illegals across the border.

Be that as it may, I seriously doubt we see a continuation of the invasion of our country’s border under Trump.

Donald Trump when he becomes elected again needs to get to the root causes of problems from where I’m sitting the root cause to your immigration problems are multifaceted one of them is that Mexico does not care if a legal sneak in to America from their northern border that needs to be stopped the only way to stop that is pitting pressure on the Mexican government

Another problem is soft borders for pretty much all of human history if someone enters the border of your country shooting that person is a legitimate way of resiling the issue

Anchor babies need to be a thing of the past and anyone that has previously snuck into America even if they’ve been a law abiding citizen for 30 years needs to be sent home and made an example of all of their asset seized

My uncle lived in America as an illegal immigrant committing crime for 14 years over two separate time periods it’s too easy to do this it needs to be stopped

I’m going back to my previous statement of even if they’ve been a law abiding citizen for 30 years every second and illegal is in foreign soil he or she is committing a crime abusing the taxpayers they need to be robbed of all their financial assets and left in a desert in mexico’s northern borders

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It happens to be the stupid uninformed voters !!!

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Yeah they’re partly to blame but they never would have elected Biden without fraudulent voting there is not 81 million of them in your country

Foreign interest groups have too much power in your country

Long-term corrupt career politicians

Lobbying groups

Propaganda in the education system

Affirmative action hiring for low IQ Blacks

You need to change your voting system

That bill that allows Americans to be have propaganda used against them has destroyed a generation

I’m sure there’s many more but these are some of the root cause problems in your country you need to get your percentage of white population up governments should fund white people to have more children