Violence Against Women Acceptable in Turkey
Women in Turkey took to Twitter on Wednesday to blast Turkey’s top religious authority over a series of fatwas, in which the Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) has advised women to accept violence at the hands of their husbands and use discussion to solve their problem.

Do you agree that women need to accept domestic abuse_

The reality is that their religion/culture strips them of most of their status.
Once married they become chattels.

In the case ,religiously inspired.

This has been known since at least 9/11/2001 but there wasn’t an outcry from American feminists on the matter, they were too busy making sure their “reproductive” rights are maintained at any cost to unborn lives. :roll_eyes:

There was a time when American feminists made a global issue of the fact that Japanese women and wives walk a step or two behind their husbands, fathers and brothers! WOW have times changed as current feminists could care less what Islamic women endure.

Turkey is 99.8% Muslim. What should one expect of the Turks in regard to treatment of females? The “men” own them all.

People in Turkey are reliving the 6th century A.D. …following the rules set by the demented pedophile, Muhammad.

Ahh , the religion of PEACE !!!

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