Vigilante Couple Baited Thieves, beat them with baseball bats, then posted videos to YouTube

A California couple was arrested last week, for allegedly luring in thieves with an unguarded bicycle and then beating them with baseball bats when they tried to steal it.

Corey Cornutt, 25 and Savannah Grillot, 29, claimed they were robbed the first night they spent in their Visalia home after a burglar broke into their car. A few nights later, another burglar allegedly broke into their car again.

They both became hyper-vigilant and decided to take a proactive stance in defending their home, using the bike as bait. After beating on the perpetrators who came to steal it, Cornutt and Grillot would later post the videos to Youtube.

The couple reportedly continued their crusade for months before they were finally detained by authorities for assault.

They inflicted non-life-threatening injuries upon four different people between July and November 2019, according to a written statement from the Visalia Police Department. Their neighbors, however, said the number of assailants was much higher.

No one was arrested or charged for attempted theft because Cornutt and Grillot never made an official report to law enforcement. Both suspects were booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy.

They were arrested but the thieves will be let go and be awarded with a key to the city and have a few schools and libraries named after them in recognition of their heroism in the face of adversity and white supremacy.

Don’t steal other people’s shit would be my suggestion to the enlightened.

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The only reason leftists cry and kvetch about leaving bait items out is because they know blacks and browns will steal it, and it makes their case look bad.

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YouTube deleted their account. Here’s the best scrape I could find.

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Thanks for that cypriot, was looking for this.

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Yeah and that’s why they are going to jail. They were having a theft problem in their neighborhood and they had the balls to solve it. Cops don’t show until after someone took your shit.

This did happen in California after all, where the mentality is to promote communal property that is free to all.

It’s a consequence of the multi-tiered justice system. Eventually people get fed up with not being protected and take the law into their own hands.

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Hell yeah! We need more of this! Some one comes and takes your stuff run out there and whoop that ass!

The problem was the idiots posting to Facebook…