Vermont Lawmakers Propose Bill to Legalize Prostitution

Nevada has legalized prostitution based on counties voting for it.Currently illegal in Vegas. They are checked periodically by doctors for STDs etc. I am for legalizing prostitution using their system as it would reduce the spread of STDs.Prostitution will always exist and it is up to ones moral character to patronize one or not.
Not being a resident of Nevada, I don’t how well the prostitutes are treated in the legal brothels.

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I’ll second that notion.

Look at how many places are eagerly legalizing pot because of the tax revenues. Many say they’ll earmark said revenues for the schools. (How ironic!!)

Why not legalize meth and tax that for the schools too?

I’ve used the legalization of prostitution as a next-funding-step for government. And here it is!

Liberal states always look to tax something .They can’t make the tough decision to cut back spending, but can tax the clothes off people to spend more.
There are taxes on everything even movie tickets. Soon they will come up with a scam to tax you how much mileage you put on a car each year.

Taxes are an obvious necessity. You can cut taxes without cutting spending as Trump has done, but then you just explode the national debt with budget deficits as Trump has done.

There necessary when the pols won’t reduce unnecessary spending being afraid to anger the special interests.

Well, that’s essentially what I said. As a fiscal conservative, I want balanced budgets and at least manageable debt. To do so, either taxes are raised or spending is reduced. But the most damaging of all is to increase spending while reducing taxes as Trump has done, counter to his campaign promises.