Vegan activist who ‘rescued’ 16 rabbits killed nearly 100 in the process

Veganism. Saving animals by killing them, like feeding house pets and toddlers vegan “products”.

A vegan activist in Spain who claimed to have been attacked by an angry mob last week — after she “rescued” 16 rabbits from their farm — wound up causing the deaths of nearly 100 baby bunnies in the process, a report says.

The activist, who goes by the name “Mythical Mia” on social media, conducted the alleged rescue mission on a farm near Osono last Sunday, according to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

Five rabbits, which were pregnant and about to give birth, were killed during the chaotic retrieval and several others were left with broken spines, the paper reports, citing an assessment from a local veterinarian.

A number of the rabbits that Mythical Mia, a Barcelona-based activist, took that day were said to have been pregnant or lactating. Their offspring included an estimated 90 bunnies, which had to be euthanized after being abandoned, according to La Vanguardia.

The mama bunnies that got left behind but survived were reportedly forced to have abortions.

Mia, whose real name is unknown, posted a video on her Instagram page last week “documenting” the bloody aftermath of her rabbit rescue.

“This is what has just happened to us, look, I’m documenting the whole thing,” she said. “I’m covered in blood. This is what the farmers have done. They shot through our window and chased us down the motorway. Oh my God, I’m literally covered in blood.”

The woman, who sounds British, has been posting information on her IG page about rabbit farming. She provided an update on the “rescued” rabbits, confirming that she had to “leave thousands of mothers and babies behind.”

“These 16 are the lucky ones,” Mia said. “After actions like this we get to go home but for them there is no way out. We only managed to find a home for 16 beforehand, so had to leave thousands of mothers and babies behind. They will be trapped inside those cages for their entire lives, their only escape is when they are shipped off to a slaughterhouse to be murdered for their flesh and fur. Rabbits like these are also abused for animal testing, tortured for a lifetime before eventually getting murdered too. They are also regularly kept as ‘pets’ often in solitary confinement and inappropriate conditions suffering from boredom and multiple other health issues.”

Mia added, “What we do to the animals need to end immediately. This injustice has gone on far too long. We will continue to enter in these facilities to expose these horrors and liberate the beings trapped inside for as long as it takes. We are not going anywhere. Join us in our fight, be vegan, be active and let’s put an end to this once and for all.”

Attempts to reach the activist were unsuccessful early Monday.

I don’t have a high opinion of vegans. They are just a bunch of propagandists.

If they have certain beliefs about food, they should keep such beliefs and practices to themselves.


Reminds me of the scandal a few years back where HSUS activists were “saving” pets by kidnapping them and executing them.

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“Never Trust Anyone who doesn’t eat Meat”.


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Many Vegans have to eat a strange porridge like food because the diet itself does not give them the vitamins that is required for a human to exist healthily

I don’t have a high opinion of rabbits. If I see one in my garden, it becomes part of the days menu. Same as the tree rats ( squirrels ). However, if I find a nest of bunnies on the property, I cordon it off so they are safe from the lawn mower.

Rabbits were brought to Australia for the sheer pleasure of the British to kill them. Little did they know the animals would wreak such havoc on Australia’s ecosystem.

If you have to kill an animal for food, so be it. But I’m against killing animals and fish for pleasure.

You introduce the wrong creatures to an ecosystem, you end up paying the price. Know what I mean? Heh. I believe it’s called “Diminishing Returns”. So when the smoke clears you realize, it was not worth the investment.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (the law of) diminishing returns

  1. used to refer to a point at which the level of profits or benefits gained is less than the amount of money or energy invested, & even amounts in severe losses.

Dispatching varmints, predators, and invasive or feral species is fun and they make good fertilizer.

We can’t eat nearly as many as need to be killed to establish and keep a balance and frankly some are inedible unless you’re dying of starvation.

Even more importantly in sparsely populated areas it would cost more to pick them up, dress them, store them properly and transport them to people who would be willing to eat them that it’s worth.

To be honest, 7 billion on earth is a few too many.
The question is, how to reduce the world population.
Mass poisoning?
GMO foods?

If you don’t mind bad karma, go ahead.