Valerie Plame Lies to Voters in her Very First Campaign Ad

There is something to be said about Former CIA employees running for public office. To simply put it, they are professional liars and so its really hard to justify how any ex-CIA officer can be trusted let along be trusted to be transparent to the American public and Plame is no exception. I find it confounding to say in the least how voters so blindly vote a democrat into office who were ex-CIA employees. This is a trend that has several members in Congress who were ex-CIA employees, and quite frankly its rather unnerving to have this happening within our government. This women is a POS and has lied about everything! Another reason not to vote ever for a democrat because they lie too!

I mean just take a look at her ad and what she says: “take revenge” and you begin to realize that the ad itself not only looks like a stupid Hollywood trailer, but the mere fact that she says taking revenge is suggesting that more Obama stooges are looking to find their way back into government again. My god this is just nauseating just thinking about the implications, because Democrats and their candidates are like parasites looking for another host to leech off of.

From The Daily Caller:

Former CIA spy Valerie Plame released her first campaign ad for Congress on Monday. In the ad she lies that former Vice President Dick Cheney and his chief of staff Scooter Libby Scooter betrayed her.

“I come from Ukrainian-■■■■■■ immigrants. My dad was in the Air Force, my brother almost died in Vietnam. My service was cut short when my own government betrayed me,” Plame says in the video.

However, Plame’s government did not betray her. Libby did not leak Plame’s identity as a CIA officer, Richard Armitage did. Armitage and the columnist to whom he leaked, Robert Novak, have both confirmed that.

President Donald Trump pardoned Libby in April of 2018, telling reporters at the White House, “I don’t know Mr. Libby, but for years I have heard that he has been treated unfairly. Hopefully, this full pardon will help rectify a very sad portion of his life.”

Plame, who was exposed during her time at the CIA under former President George W. Bush, announced May 9 that she would be running for Congress in New Mexico as a Democrat.

In the ad, Plame suggests she was stationed in Iran and the DPRK, which she was not. She also uses the CIA seal, which is illegal, as use the use of official government seals and logos without permission is restricted by federal law.

Plame also randomly mentions that she is descended from “Ukrainian-■■■■■■ immigrants,” after being accused of being anti-Semitic. In 2017, Plame retweeted an article titled “America’s ■■■■ Are Driving America’s Wars” from a website run by a Holocaust denier.

“In under 90 seconds Valerie Plame lies to voters, breaks federal law, sweeps her own anti-Semitism under the rug and threatens to use elected office to get revenge on her political enemies. Plame is completely unfit for Congress,” NRCC Spokesman Bob Salera told the Daily Caller.

Plame is running in New Mexico’s Third Congressional District, which leans blue. The seat opened up after incumbent Democratic Rep. Ben Ray Luján announced in April that he would be running for the U.S. Senate seat.