Utah couple visiting Mexico killed execution-style in front of son

This is really horrible to read this. The question should not fail to answer that Mexico approaches to being a full Narco state when this happens!

I learned a few important lessons from reading that story.

  1. Don’t vacation in Mexico
  2. Don’t drive a car in Mexico.
  3. Don’t drive through gang checkpoints
  4. Don’t stop your car when gang chases you
  5. Don’t get out your car because the gang said so
  6. Stay breathing

I feel really bad for the kid who had to witness that! He is going to be in therapy for a very Long time!

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Sadly this isn’t particularly uncommon. The resort towns in particular are heavily targeted for tourists for robbery, kidnapping, and sometimes just killed for the hell of it.

MX is a perfect example of the failures or gun control.

  1. Go back to lesson #1.

There is so much to see in the USA , yet Americans want to visit dangerous places and Countries that hate us . If you want to take the risk I cant feel sorry for you .

Good point. You could plan to visit only a third of the prime sights in the US once a year and probably not get to all of them in a lifetime.

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