USMCA Trade Agreement

Immediately after the President signed the USMCA, the Democrats found a microphone and announced that they were responsible for its being a good agreement.

They also claimed years ago that NAFTA was a good agreement. The complained when Trump abandoned that horrendous jobs killing agreement.

The Democrat Party is the scum of our government.

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Isn’t it funny that they were shouting doom and gloom over NAFTA getting killed but now want to take the credit for the trade deal that Trump brokered? They must really think we are all that stupid.


What they claimed essentially was the the proposal Trump sent to the House was horrible and that they fixed it. This still qualifies as an insult to the American people.

They are counting on it. Unsurprisingly many people will believe them too. I’m still not convinced that this was actually a good deal for the United States as it’s still permits manufacturers who abandoned Americans from benefiting from cheap labor in Mexico.

Let me help everyone out. This bill was first passed by the Democrat controlled House, where Speaker Pelosi did an amazing job of including environmentally-friendly and organized labor-friendly provisions. I’d like to understand why the Democrats were deliberately excluded from the signing ceremony. That seems incredibly petty and small.

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Just because the Democrats control the House does not mean that the Democrats came up with all (or any one) of the improvements.

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Why are you trying to rewrite how this all came about. Your damned party did nothing but block and obstruct on everything that this president has tried to accomplish… you all decide to back one thing and now you all want the credit for it? No way. The American people know the truth and aren’t going to fall for these tricks.

They want to take credit for this because they have absolutely nothing to show for their time and office. they’ve spent years going after the president when they actually could have been putting together legislation for infrastructure which has huge bipartisan support. But instead of doing that they needed to showboat and lie to try to discredit the President of the United States. They can’t allow him to have a win so they’ll try to steal it anyway they can.

This isn’t a done deal but no surprise the Trump administration is acting like it is. We are still waiting for Canada to ratify it before it actually can be applied.

I like how there is no source in the OP. Maybe that’s because any credible news source will tell the reader that this is literally NAFTA but with just a few small things changed. Why the Trump base is acting like it’s the second coming though is beyond comprehension.

Well, that tells you there are problems right off the bat.

I wonder what that means.

Gosh, how long did Pelosi hold this hoping to use it for leverage?

Perhaps you should watch a little American television instead of whatever it is you commie nuts do all day.

I personally saw Pelosi and one of her parrots live at a microphone just seconds minutes after C-SPAN coverage of the signing ceremony concluded…trying desperately to steal the thunder.

Its also an insult to Lighthizer and Ross who are the real architects of this deal.

President Trump recognized a long list of people as being responsible for creating the agreement. Nancy is just pissed because she wasn’t on the list.

She had nothing to do with its restructuring and negotiations. In fact she and the big club were purposely left out. The brilliant of Lughthizer and Ross was how they timed this and how it was written, they had no choice but to pass this deal.