USA Today....Trump had the worst job creation in history he lost 4 million jobs

Whatever. By that definition everyone that posts here is a propagandist……:roll_eyes:

Pretty much describes the phony low moral character of Montecrusty! Loathed by most here. :rage: :cold_face: :joy: :dizzy_face:

Yeah, let’s do that….



Exactly what have I said that would fit the definition that I have suggested?

Lol, I’m sure any president would love to not have their screw ups included in any assessments of themselves….:joy::joy::joy:

Obama, Obama, Obama….
And you people get offended over every mention of trump who’s only been gone months….:roll_eyes:

Trump told Republican governors to close small business? Huh ??

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I am trying very hard to imagine just how the Covid disaster could be termed a “screw up” of then-President Trump…


I’m not surprised at all……

Would you care to elucidate, please?

It’s going to magically disappear, could be treated with household cleaners, US was most prepared country in the world, it was ok to go to work while sick with Covid, it was no worse than the flu….and the dozens of other ridiculous notions that filled his head and informed his response to it.

The perfect irony is you getting COVID and dying from it! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

We will know when you stop posting your crap here all the time!

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