USA being blackmasiled by MEXICO

Mexican president says the ‘flow of migrants will continue’ unless the US meets his demands . 20 BILLION OR ELSE !!!

In January, Obrador issued a series of demands for what the U.S. must do to stop the flow of migrants to the border, ranging from sending Latin American countries $20 billion in aid a year to granting some level of amnesty to illegal immigrant workers in the U.S.

Mexico has reportedly taken some state-level action to curb mass migration at President Biden’s request, making crossings drop, however, the number of migrants began to rise again in February, with Border Patrol expecting another surge in thespring.

“Everybody thinks you have the power in this moment to slow down migration. Do you plan to?” “60 Minutes” corrrespondent Sharyn Alfonsi said asked Obrador.

Alfonsi noted Obrador’s demands for the U.S. to send $20 billion a year to Latin America countries, lift sanctions on Venezuela, end the Cuban embargo and legalize millions of Mexicans that are living in the U.S.

So 20 billion EVERY YEAR OR we get 45 million more freeloaders ?

When Mexico is threatening and dictating terms to the United States, you know that we have fallen as a nation. So much for restoring American dignity and respect across the world.
Here’s what I think: Another sign that the USA is the laughing stock of the world. Mexico threatens us and we already know what the answer will be. Capitulation BY THE UNIPARTIES .
Threatened by a third world country….Bidens America. GOD HELP US BECAUSE THE GOP WON’T !!!

It maybe for the short term, but I would factor in why Obrador is so bold to make such demands because he has the cartels behind him. Its no secret, and they bought Hunters Closet too. The only way this is going to end is with a new President and US intervention into Mexico. If not, were fked!


Mexico smells the fear of the WH .


Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador showed his “contempt” for America during a recent interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” when he explained what it would take for his country to help stem the flow of illegal immigration at the southern border. As many noted, his list of demands sounded like he was trying to extort President Biden in an election year. He wants the U.S. to give $20 billion to poor Latin American and Caribbean countries per year, lift sanctions on Venezuela, end the Cuban embargo, and legalize Mexican nationals that came to the U.S. Historian Victor Davis Hanson said it goes to show AMLO’s “absolute contempt for us.”

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No doubt, but lets see where this is heading, because at the rate things are going we could be seeing a much different discourse after November 6th. And no I don’t necessary mean Trump winning but what ever the outcome is going to be it will have reverberations in the life and death of America and its future.

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It needs to be 100% mass deportation !!!

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