US Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case-Muslim Prayers Must Be Spoken!

This is the first step towards adapting Sharia law in the US when students under penalty of receiving a failing grade must recite Muslim Prayers. I guess next no pledge of allegiance!

Why is the conservative court not taking this? :man_shrugging:

I am completely in shock that a child in an American public school was FORCED by a teacher to say the prayer of Islamic conversion…or be failed. If the Supreme Court is avoiding this because they don’t want to get wrapped up in the media’s sudden obsession with Islam, then we need different action…like an executive order that pulls all federal funding from this school district.

Did the administration pussy out??? Why aren’t there any comments from her parents printed. I guess the teachers union supported the teacher.
There should be a Crusade to keep religious indoctrination of any type out of taxpayer funded scools.

This country has been invaded by Muslims and we need to repel the invaders. It’s time again for the crusades. Deus Vult!

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You are right! If “they” as in the cultural Marxists are so adamant about separation of church and state then that should mean for every religion! Where are they now on this issue? Seems to me their silence on it is more telling of where they stand! We shouldn’t be surprised by the blatant double standard they regularly practice!

Yep, any and all of it…

This is how subliminal mass prosthletysation starts . . . softlee, softlee, catchee monkey? You’ll soon be finding out how many madrassas there are in the US.

No problem, it’ll just get funding from other pro-islamic sources.


Looks like just as we are - you’re sleepwalking straight into it.